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The Creative Commons Richard McCracken Head of Rights The Open University.

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1 The Creative Commons Richard McCracken Head of Rights The Open University

2 Open Source Licensing Software – such as Linux Licences allow free use, distribution and modification of the source code Based on industry standards and protocols rather than proprietary systems May be available for all operating systems Support and troubleshooting via informal, peer web sites and discussion groups

3 Gperiodic Periodic table application using Linux Educational content Runs via browser Not tied to a particular platform Multilingual versions

4 Open Source Licensing Models Open Source Initiative GNU Free Documentation Licence Open Content MIT Open Courseware Creative Commons

5 Housed at Stanford Law School Started by legal, academic and business specialists in cyberlaw/IP, computer science, documentary filmmaking and public domain web-publishing Aimed at developing content, web sites and applications rather than programming

6 Standard Licence Conditions Mix and match clauses Eleven standard licences Copying, distribution, display and performance in four categories Attribution Non-commercial Non-derivative Share-alike

7 Licences expressed as: Plain language text for users Fine-print legally expressed draft for courts Machine readable for search engines

8 Other Features Use of metadata (RDF Format) Irrevocable licences Range of standard symbols indicating types of licensed use

9 Challenges for Creative Commons Moral Rights Imbedded third-party content Free use and commercial exploitation

10 Publishers and Creative Commons Prentice Hall and the Open Source Series (Bruce Perens) Thomson (Gale) The American Physical Society

11 Other Open Source Models OSI (Open source Initiative) GNU Free Documentation Licence OpenContent MIT OpenCourseWare

12 References Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org OSIhttp://www.opensource.org GNU OpenContent http://www.opencontent.org MIT OCW American Physical Society SURF

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