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Plant life cycle.

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1 Plant life cycle

2 Male and female parts Color the anther blue and the pistil pink

3 Pollination Pollen is made in the anther
Eggs or ovules are made in the Pistil Pollen leave the anther by wind, water and animals

4 Pollination: Flowers do not have to be beautiful

5 Pollination: Flowers do not have to be beautiful

6 FERTILIZATION Pollen will stick to the sticky tip of the stigma

7 Fertilization Sperm inside the pollen will swim down the HILUM
Which is a tube that connects the pistil to the OVARY Label the sperm and egg. The sperm carries ½ of the chromosomes, and the egg carries ½ of the chromosomes

8 FERTILIZATION The EMBRYO (baby) forms inside the ovule after fertilization The plant feeds the embryo through the hilum The embryo and other parts of the seed grow by the process of…. Guess…. Mitosis The ovule will grow until it matures and forms a seed

9 GERMINATION LABEL Hilum, embryo, seed coat, cotyledon

10 Germination Functions Hilum: attaches seed to plant for food/water
Embryo: baby plant Cotyledon: stored food for germination Seed coat: protection

11 Germination Germination is when the embryo leaves the seed
It pushes out the root, and grows root hairs

12 In a human….

13 In a human…. What would do the same job as the cotyledon?
Where is the embryo? What would do the same job as the seed coat? Compare how the plant embryo and human embryo get energy and nutrients to do mitosis

14 Germination Root hairs soak up water by the process of ….. Guess….
Diffusion Then the leaves pop out, and start growing The plant can then start to perform photosynthesis Germination


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