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Protection of Rights of Vulnerable Labour Groups (Forced Labour, Child Labour & Women Workers) Ali Raza Pakistan.

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1 Protection of Rights of Vulnerable Labour Groups (Forced Labour, Child Labour & Women Workers) Ali Raza Pakistan

2 Vulnerability Groups encountering discriminatory treatment at the work place. Vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment.

3 Vulnerable Groups Bonded LabourWomen WorkersEthnic Groups Disadvantaged/ Susceptible Groups MinoritiesChild Labour 3

4 Bonded Labour Bonded Labour, is a typical form of forced labour "bonded labour" means any labour or service rendered under the bonded labour system

5 Bonded Labour System 5 Agreement entered into by the debtor with the creditor to the effect of Peshgi (advance payment) Customary/ social obligation Any economic consideration forfeit the right to appropriate or sell property forfeit the right to move freely forfeit the freedom of employment without wages or for nominal wages

6 Bonded Labour Causes/ Effects Political Economic Social 6

7 Child Labour Any work that adversely affects the physical, psychological, moral and educational development of a child is termed as Child Labour.

8 Sectors Agriculture constructionFisheries Home Based Work Textile & Garments Sex Industry Packing Glass Bangles Domestic Labour BeggaryMiningFisheries 8

9 Implications of Child Labour Poverty Cycle Economic Disparity Intellectual Growth Psychological Problems Social Instability Physical Deterioration 9

10 Women Workers Women often have to face discrimination at work. Women participation rate in the labour force of Pakistan is 15.5 % whereas for men it is 49.5 % 50% of the society’s human capital is underutilized.

11 11

12 Challenges Lack of awareness and social sensitization Religious, cultural and social issues Legislations have certain inconsistencies with the international standards Legislations regarding gender equality are not sufficient Penalties under the law are less than the benefit derived from exploitation Laws development Inexistence of laws in some sectors Capacity and capability of the government departments

13 Major Achievements/Results Child Labour – Sialkot success story – End to use of children as camel jockeys – Child Protection Bureaus established at divisional level – Worst form of Child Labour project is being run successfully – Redrafting of the Child Labour law Bonded Labour – Special campaign for coverage of brick kiln workers under factories act and social security net – Success of EBLIK and its replication as EBLIK 2 in four more districts – Amendments in the Bonded Labour law are underway Women Workers – Women Empowerment Package, 2012 – Women development department established Punjab – Gender sensitization of labour laws underway

14 Way Forward Education & Social awareness Compulsory schooling Sensitive policy making and legislation Proper implementation of labour laws & capacity building of departments Expansion of social security net Market based vocational training Provision of micro finance Encouragement of unionism Elimination of black economy Development of educational infrastructure Implementation of technologically advanced processes in child labour intensive sectors


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