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Chuck out your Paper Chintz Any Librarians? How many use printed handbooks? Employ any MetaData Experts?

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2 Chuck out your Paper Chintz Any Librarians? How many use printed handbooks? Employ any MetaData Experts?

3 Staff & Student Information@ staffs Paul Boardman - Director of the Process Improvement Programme - PiP JISC Exemplar Site Building Learning Communities - BLC PiP

4 Tales of... How two teams became one Two approaches Teamwork

5 The Problem Staff information Student Information Concerns for the Environment

6 The Players…. Franchesca Francis - Registrar & Dean of Students Ken Sproston - University Secretary Sheila Dexter - Quality Support Web team

7 Dreams and Deliverables Kens Golden Dream- one staff Handbook Franchesca - Took on the challenge from Modular Development Committee PiP - Remit for the redesign of Management of Student Information Core Process

8 Staff Handbook Ken had almost achieved a staff handbook on 2 previous occasions since joining Staffs seconded Rachel Baker - mammoth clerical task Criticisms from colleagues: - not centrally available - version control Once done - no excuse for not maintaining

9 Change of Perspective Need to move from reactive to proactive handbook It started as Rules,Regulations, Arrangements and Procedures but it became clear that it was going to be a general information resource for staff First meeting was in autumn 98

10 Student Handbook Modular Development Committee voiced its concerns - task group set up with Deans, Associate Deans, School Administrator, Student Records, etc Variable quality of info was delivered via Student Handbooks Consistency needed!!!

11 Perennial Problems Best presentation for Students? How - Format Where - Registration When - Regulation changes - Annually Problem - Retention - Scalped and Dumped

12 Write once -use many times Award Versions tailored to needs of students Validations- panels having information they require General Handbook Award Handbook Module Handbook Validation Support Document

13 Help from the Centre Sheila Dexter from Quality Support - Award Handbook and Validation Support Document Helen Heath - Student Records, looking at the General Handbook Expertise in each sub-group used on the appropriate area of information

14 Lists of Lists Each would take their allotted piece and work on it Bring back to the Group Agree the divisions of headings and documents 4 lists of headings were agreed

15 Time-scales & Objectives Went to QDC as recommendations QDC asked to consider time-scales and objectives September 1999 for General Handbook September 2000 for Awards Handbook

16 Staff Handbook Ken was Chair of Internal Quality Audit- IQA Sheila was Secretary to IQA One of IQAs original aims was to map what was happening within and across the University - massive task!

17 Developed a list of major functions and then sub areas of those functions Obvious connections to Rachels document collection Staff Handbook - initially much more of a data collection exercise Much more data in circulation - but not co-ordinated

18 Bring out your dead! There was a co-ordinated Student Handbook and had been for some time Vast quantities of paper emerged from every dark corner - much of it irrelevant Both teams were running in parallel Both had agreed to focus on end user needs and requirements!

19 Atoms or Electrons? Students need a generic set of info that they must have access to Staff have a broader useful category - depends on their roles Staff site on the intranet would be easier to achieve and progress faster Student site predicated on the usefulness of materials for future developments

20 Compare & Contrast Staff HB - more straightforward - but labour intensive,with endless chasing of documents Student HB - seen as the first part of an on-going series of developments -Award and School specific Single sources of info - linked electronically

21 Meanwhile..back at the Ranch.. Franchesca had been working with the Students Union, redrafting the regulations Personalising them Staff info still retained distant prose Ken and Franchesca had to reach the critical point Realised that similar outcomes were required- albeit different Info.

22 The Web and all that.. The team- Geoff Bridgewood, Mike Cheung,Julie Adams,Eric Halliday,PiP team Agreed on PDF and Web text Developed navigation -based on 3 layers Spent the summer scanning and putting the documents onto the sites- regular progress meetings

23 Show and Tell Presented to University Management Team in September 99 Sent a merged email to all students and an all Staff email Staff and Student NT image had to be updated- wrong time of year to ask! Rapid redesign for radio buttons

24 So What? Estimated Cost savings - £43,000 Annual cost savings of over £20,000 University forms are next - but thats another story!

25 What have we learned? Team work! - divide the tasks between empowered teams- utilise interest and experience Involve Librarians - metadata experts! Set Stretched Goals with a presentation to hierarchy in the diary Maintain pace and dont leave it to one or two Agree to provide info once by the most appropriate person

26 Theres more.. Introduce the right people at the right time Only user-centred design and language Choose the right Project Champion See that the experience is rewarding Move from atoms to electrons- its easier than eating beavers to save trees!


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