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Lewis and Clark By: Kayla Hetherman + Ashley Gaffney.

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1 Lewis and Clark By: Kayla Hetherman + Ashley Gaffney

2 Background Information Jefferson received Louisiana territory from Napoleon Bonaparte because he was unable to control Haiti. Jefferson believed Louisiana territory included Northwest Passage. He was wrong, it does not exist! Having possession of the Louisiana property, U.S. would double its size for only 15 million. Louisiana territory contained Port of New Orleans. Jefferson wanted the new territory mapped, and so began the Expedition of Lewis and Clark.

3 The Expedition Meriwether Lewis was originally chosen to lead the expedition, but he asked William Clark to join him. The trip would last 2 and a half years 50 soldiers and woodsmen were also taken. Along with Sacajawea, the interpreter and guide, who was met along the way.

4 The Reason Behind Besides just mapping the land, Lewis and Clark were to record observations of what they saw. They were to keep detailed journals. They were also supposed to take specimens, such as, rocks, animals, and plants. They were also supposed to locate the source of the Missouri River.

5 The Beginning On May 14 th, 1804, Lewis and Clark began their journey from St. Louis. They went against the current of the Missouri River. In September, they camped for the winter at the village of the Mandan Indians, today’s North Dakota. They set back out on their journey in 1805 with assistance from Sacajawea.

6 Sacajawea Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark to travel the unfamiliar land. She protected the party from other native lands and natives. Sacajawea was a captive of the Mandan Indians and was from the Shoshoni tribe. The land was familiar to her because her tribe settled parts of Eastern Nevada, Southern Idaho, and Western Utah.

7 The Continuation Lewis and Clark discovered the mouth of the Missouri river at the Three Forks, beyond the Great Falls, present day Montana. They proceeded on foot, crossed the Rockies, and saw hundreds of prairie dogs. Traveling on rivers found west of the Rockies, they were able to reach the mouth of the Columbia river in November of 1805.

8 The Return Home They camped at Fort Clatsop near the Pacific over the winter of 1805-1806. They turned around from there and began the journey back to St. Louis. On the way home, Lewis and Clark split up at Three Forks and they joined up right before Fort Mandan. Lewis and Clark returned on September of 1806. They brought with them many inaccurate facts other than the map of the Louisiana territory and Oregon country.

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