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3 A large degree of continuity with the previous specification

4 ..the ability to abstract and simplify in order to identify and model the essence of a problem. analyse and reason - both deductively and inductively. marshal evidence and to assimilate, structure, analyse and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data. communicate results concisely to a wide audience, including those with no training in economics. think critically about the limits of one's analysis in a broader socio-economic context. draw economic policy inferences, to recognise the potential constraints in their implementation and to evaluate the efficacy of policy outcomes in the light of stated policy objectives.

5 EAC ASSESSMENT MATRIX (2007) TechnicalPolicySAQsPresentationInterview Average mark Knowledge Application CommunicationWritten Oral Pass/Fail Rating scale 1-5, 1 poor, 2 developable 3 required standard 4 consistently good 5 consistently excellent

6 Degree Class Economic Assessment pass rate % Total Sample 155262 2.137346 2.2 (with Masters) 4413

7 University TypePass rate %Total OXBRIDGE70 RUSSELL48268 OTHER UK38229 NEW33 53 OVERSEAS34 82

8 The majority of candidates fail because they do not understand fundamental principles, concepts and analyses and hence find them difficult to apply and easy to forget.

9 Success: Applying opp cost to an asset Failed EAC30% Passed EAC56%

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