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Mathematics for Economics: Enhancing Teaching and Learning (METAL)

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1 Mathematics for Economics: Enhancing Teaching and Learning (METAL)

2 FDTL5 Project Funding Bid Types Bid Numbers Successful bids in Economics

3 Overview of the METAL Project Project Rationale Project Partners Project Aim and Objectives Project Deliverables Continuation Strategy

4 Rationale T&L challenges Mixed intake of students on economics programmes Widening participation agenda Focus on interactive and inclusive learning

5 Project Partners & Expertise Consortium Partners Advisory Partners Project Director/Project Managers

6 Project Aim To maximise student attendance, engagement and participation in mathematics for economics through the provision of an accessible and fully interactive toolkit of varied and flexible resources

7 Project Objectives Online question bank 5 interactive video units 10 teaching and learning guides Interactive website

8 Project Deliverables: Online Question Bank 200 – 300 question styles, many millions of question realisations Diagnostic testing Seminars/Tutorials Problem Sheets Video Support Revision Assessment

9 Project Deliverables: Interactive Video Units 5 units covering 10 units of study Several short segments to each unit Video feedback and support For each concept: Studio explanation Diagram/graph/formula Real world examples illustrating principles of economics

10 Project Deliverables: Online T&L Guides Present innovative and interactive approaches to teaching maths concepts Topical Flow charts Presentation of Concepts Incorporate question bank Incorporate video materials T&L activities

11 Continuation Strategy Expanding materials to include: Statistics Level 2/3 quantitative economics modules/units Adapting materials to other subject areas: Social Sciences, Psychology, Business, etc.

12 Participation At various stages of the project we will be looking for: Teaching and learning ideas/suggestions Trialling of teaching and learning resources

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