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Affirmative, negative and interrogative

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1 Affirmative, negative and interrogative
Verb to be uses of BE Affirmative, negative and interrogative

2 Places Profession Feelings and emotions State of being Marital status
Names and last names Countries, nationalities, cities Age Marital status Demonstratives Family Appearance and personality

3 Affirmative Long form Short form I am 1st person I’m
You are 2nd person you’re He is He’s She is 3rd person She’s It is It’s We are We’re You are Plurals you’re They are They’re

4 Affirmative sentences
I am a teacher I’m a teacher He is Carlos He’s Carlos My last name is Jones My last name’s Jones I am sick I’m sick We are married We’re married You are single You’re single They are Americans They’re Americans It is from Germany It’s from Germany She is my mother She’s my mother They are tall They’re tall I am smart I’m smart That is a car That’s a car

5 NEGATIVE LONG FORM I am not YOU are not HE is not SHE is not IT is not WE are not THEY are not Short Form I’m not You aren’t He isn’t She isn’t It isn’t We aren’t They aren’t

6 Negative Sentences I’m not Johana You aren’t a teacher
He isn’t 20 years old She isn’t from Italy It isn’t Italian We aren’t bored You aren’t tall They aren’t smart She isn’t my mother That isn’t the class room

7 Interrogative ? Questions ? Answers Affirmative Negative Am I a John ? Yes, I am No, I’m not Are you 20 ? Yes, you are No, You aren’t Is she a doctor? Yes, She is No, She isn’t Is he late to class? Yes, he is No, he isn’t Is it a pencil or a pen? Yes, it is No, It isn’t Are we single? Yes, we are No, we aren’t Are you from Italy? Yes, you are No, you aren’t Are they from Spain? Yes, they are No, they aren’t

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