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S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 1 Introduction Welcome to the 9 th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Dissemination Officer GridPP2 Posts Tier-2 Centres Steve.

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1 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 1 Introduction Welcome to the 9 th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Dissemination Officer GridPP2 Posts Tier-2 Centres Steve Lloyd, Chair of GridPP Collaboration Board

2 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 2 Dissemination Officer Welcome to Sarah Pearce –For her to disseminate your work –You have to tell her about it –Especially interested in news, articles and papers for the website links with other e-science projects or industry any dissemination you've been doing –Please introduce yourself at this meeting –Arrange to make contact etc (

3 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 3 Role of Dissemination Officer –lead all dissemination and public relations activities within GridPP; –be an ex-officio member of the PMB; –promote the UK Particle Physics Grid and its use by other experiments and disciplines; –develop industrial links and contacts; –liaise with PPARC PUS; –oversee the overall design of the GridPP Website and ensure that content is up to date and relevant; –coordinate demonstrations and act as 'Booth Manager' at events such as e- Science All Hands meetings and Open Days; –represent GridPP and its interests at relevant events; –ensure the timely release of news items and press releases; –maintain up to date lists of GridPP publications, talks and promotional material; –exploit PUS and other PR funding opportunities; –ensure that the GridPP PMB and other management boards are fully aware of publicity issues and funding and collaboration opportunities; –act upon requests for help with publicity or industrial liaison from all members of GridPP or external bodies; –report to the Project Manager on matters relating to any project deliverables and milestones defined within her purview.

4 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 4 GridPP2 Posts GridPP2 Approved - £15.9M plus a possible further £1M to LCG at CERN subject to strong case to Science Committee –Essentially the so-called "Regained Programme" GridPP2 Tendering Process –Proforma-1s (Report on GridPP1 Work) received by 12 December. Assessed by PMB by 9 January Currently feedback being sent to PIs by TD –Proforma-2s (Specification of future work) available by 19 December –Proforma-3s (Bids for posts) received by 9 January. Assessed by Peer Review Selection Committee (PRSC) on 16 January

5 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 5 PRSC Peer Review Selection Committee –Steve Lloyd (Chair) –Dave Britton –Nick Brook –Jon ButterworthPPRP –Tony Doyle –Neil GeddesPPARC –George Lafferty PPGP –Robin Middleton –Les RobertsonCERN –Pete WatkinsCNAP

6 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 6 PRSC Outcome 33 Bids approved –subject to varying amounts of iteration on deliverables 4 Bids not yet approved –but should be - subject to successful renegotiation of deliverables 2 part bids to be re-tendered for one post (BaBar) 7 bids rejected 1 new post to be re-tendered for one post (Portal)

7 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 7 PRSC Outcome Tender DocumentOutcome Tier-1 Applications Middle/Sec/Net Tier-2 6 14.5 18.5 13.5 52.5 13.5 18 16 5 + 1 Portal + 1 PhenoGrid -0.5 BaBar -1 LHC Deployment +1 LHC Deployment-1 Network -0.5 Workload -1 Data Management +1 Data Management

8 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 8 GridPP Portal PRSC did not approve CALICE, MICE or UKDMC bids Agreed that GridPP resources should be available to these experiments (and others) Suggested 1 new post to develop a "GridPP Portal" –That CALICE, MICE, UKDMC... can use if they want to –Can be used for dissemination purposes – demonstrations, small scale production... New Proforma-2 (SL) in a couple of weeks Invite Proforma-3 bids against this.

9 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 9 Loose Ends Approved posts to agree deliverables with DB Not yet approved posts to agree programme with PMB New Tenders for –GridPP Portal –Getting BaBar on the Grid Further 8.5 Tier-2 Hardware support and operations staff ('Pro-rata') –See later

10 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 10 Timeline Till 18 February –prepare for Oversight Committee/Grid Steering Committee By 1 March –DB to develop detailed Financial Plan (against which new PPARC grants can be signed off) After 1 March –iteration/discussion on Project Map deliverables Mid March to Mid April –JES Submission as soon as discussions complete Need to assess impact of ARDA, Metadata Group....

11 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 11 Tier-2 Centres It was agreed (CB etc) that the 8.5 Hardware support and Operations staff would be allocated 'pro-rata' to: –The 'amount' of disk and CPU 'committed' to GridPP from 2004-2007. –What does 'amount' mean? –What does 'committed' mean? Need to define these in an MoU between GridPP and the Tier-2 Centres.

12 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 12 Tier-2 MoUs GridPP wants: Access to Tier-2 resources –For all experiments –Up to an agreed level of integrated utilization (target share) Appropriate OS, middleware and application software installed –On dedicated GridPP front ends if necessary Sufficient accessible monitoring so that service levels can be ratified

13 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 13 Tier-2 MoUs The Tier-2 Centres want: GridPP Manpower to run them Control of their own resources Nothing that compromises their own Security Their own target share of the resources As little prescription of OS, software etc as possible – especially on the back end (worker) nodes Support from GridPP Operations Team

14 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 14 Tier-2 Centres Next moves: Attempting to set up a 1 day meeting between Tier-2 centres and GridPP to try and produce an acceptable draft MoU –GridPP: SL + TD + JG/DK –SouthGrid: Jeff Tseng +... –ScotGrid: Tony (2 hats) Doyle +... –NorthGrid: Roger Jones +... –London: Dave Colling +... Hope is that the... is 1 or 2 per Tier-2 so that we can sit round a table. –Not looking hopeful – Phone Confs instead?

15 S.L.LloydGridPP9 IntroductionSlide 15 Talks Please send me your talks for the website: or on memory stick (preferably before you give it)

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