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Welcome to the 12 th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Introduction Steve Lloyd, Chair of the GridPP Collaboration Board Report on recent meetings of: PPARC.

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1 Welcome to the 12 th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Introduction Steve Lloyd, Chair of the GridPP Collaboration Board Report on recent meetings of: PPARC Oversight Committee GridPP Collaboration Board Dissemination

2 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 2 PPARC Oversight Committee 6th Meeting of PPARC Oversight Committee – 10th January 2005 Daron Green (Chair) ex-IBM now BT Paul Jeffries – ex-RAL Director of Oxford e-Science Centre Andy Parker – Director of Cambridge e-Science Centre (+GridPP & ATLAS) Mike Whalley – Durham University (Durham Database) Deborah Miller – PPARC e-Science Guy Ricket – PPARC Science Committee Janet Seed – PPARC Particle Physics (Tony Doyle, Dave Britton, Robin Middleton, Steve Lloyd – GridPP)

3 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 3 PPARC Oversight Committee Documents Submitted (see website): Vision Statement Executive Summary Project Map Resource Report LCG Report EGEE Report Deployment Report Middleware/Security/Network Report Applications Report User Board Report Tier-1/A Report Tier-2 MoU Dissemination Report Logbooks + Tony presentation of Executive Summary

4 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 4 PPARC Oversight Committee Summary: Good progress has been made. However... 1. GridPP may be underestimating the difficulty of engaging with each of the experiment teams. [GridPP should address alignment with each experiment and document this more fully next time. Probably requires joint technical summaries of issues arising from Grid use in the UK] 2. Document with a plan to support UK physics analysis community in 2007 is needed. [Comment relating to "good links" with BaBar, but not yet the LHC experiments. Computing TDRs help here.] 3. Tier-1 allocation policy - define usage policy. i.e. what is the absolute scale? Are we under/over-committing from PPARC perspective? An agreement needs to be reached with Janet Seed (and CB – see later). 4. Need to update GridPP2 Risk Register.

5 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 5 PPARC Oversight Committee 5. OC requires the LCG funding case to be put to them before going to Science Committee. (This has been done) 6. Get-fit plan on Production Metrics. How do we move from 60% to >90% and how will this be monitored in the UK. 7. Nail down the metrics - no sensible values yet established. Iterations are required. 8. Clarify probable direction of GridPP in terms of middleware. GridPP needs to formally state its position w.r.t. adoption of Glite in order to feed this back to the core programme. A statement of intent is sufficient. A formal evaluation may be required but the statement can come earlier. [Subtext is that OMII is not yet clearly fitting into this middleware development programme]

6 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 6 PPARC Oversight Committee Subsequent Andy Parker Summary to e- Science Steering Committee: "OSC views project as excellently managed and very successful"

7 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 7 GridPP Collaboration Board 7th Meeting of GridPP Collaboration Board 12th January 2005 All Groups bar Durham (misunderstanding), Sheffield, Sussex and Warwick represented 10 Group Leaders, 7 Substitutes (15 in person, 2 on phone) Deborah Miller, Guy Rickett from PPARC Tony Doyle, Dave Britton, Steve Lloyd from "The Management" Talks: Project Leader's Report (Tony) Project Manager's Report (Dave) Tier-2 Report (Steve) Beyond GridPP2 (Tony)

8 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 8 GridPP Collaboration Board Tier-1/A Experiment Shares Share is based on M&O Author fraction x Strategic Weight x ~No time dependence Takes into account: "strategic" BaBar large share Guesses time dependence Contentious – long argument! Upshot is to use Grants Panel "Form-X" FTE numbers which have time dependence (SL Action) (See Dave B for full details)

9 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 9 GridPP Collaboration Board Beyond GridPP2 We should plan to hand over operation of the Grid in about 2007 since, after all, we [the CB] are physicists. We should ensure that all the posts directly related to the Tier-2s and the experiments are divested to the institutes and the experiments. There should then be a committee (CNAP like) that oversees the Tier-1 hardware purchase and is responsible for a (small number) of non experiment specific posts - probably just middleware support. Long discussion (planned) but less contentious [From the minutes] DB summed up by stating that: The Collaboration Board agreed with this summary.

10 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 10 Dissemination Meetings - including –CHEP 2004, Interlaken –PPARC Grid and network security industry meeting– Andrew McNab and Dave Kelsey spoke –Supercomputing 04, Pittsburgh – part of UK e-science stand Particular thanks to Dave Colling and Roger Jones Showed LCG2 Real Time Grid Monitor - science/projects/demo/index.html science/projects/demo/index.html Let Sarah know if you have a graphical monitor/demo that would be useful to show at events

11 Steve LloydGridPP12 Introduction Slide 11 Dissemination Journal of Physics G article –Nearly finished – long process! –Went out for review Dec/Jan – comments now closed –Being edited by small group. Aim to submit within next 2 weeks. Film –DVDs to give out – one for each institution, and then whoever wants one… Sarah has moved to Australia –Still working part-time on GridPP dissemination –Recruiting an Events Officer for UK work: interviewing 4 people on 10 Feb

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