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20.10.2006V. Bobillier1 Long distance cable installation status Calorimeter commissioning meeting.

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1 20.10.2006V. Bobillier1 Long distance cable installation status Calorimeter commissioning meeting

2 20.10.2006V. Bobillier2 Agenda Cable trays status Rack installation  Status  Missing information (rack layout) Long distance links  Status  Planning  Missing information (cable allowance)  Missing material (connectors and PP)  Tests foreseen From sub-det to PP rack cabling  What is foreseen (reminder)  Possible manpower issue Calorimeter commissioning meeting

3 20.10.2006V. Bobillier3 Cable trays installation status All long distance cable trays installed. Few additional cable trays in the Velo region still under installation. Cable trays to go from PP to Fixed Point for Calo and Muon still to be installed. Calorimeter commissioning meeting

4 20.10.2006V. Bobillier4 Racks installation status TELL1 racks in Counting House : TELL1 crates under installation when received at pit 8. All patch panels, heat exchangers, deflectors and turbines are installed. Remaining task : - Prepare patch cord cable installation in the rear of the TELL1 boards (can start when TELL1 are there). - Test of crate power and control (CAN interface). - Installation and test of TELL1 interfaces (ECS, DAQ, TTC). REMINDER : Optical patch cords are responsibility of sub-detectors. (OT: late change) All other racks (in counting house – D3B03 to D3B05) : All the mechanics still to be done (installation of sliding bars, turbine, heat exchangers, deflectors, side plates, etc). Information on rack layout is urgently required for that. Calorimeter commissioning meeting

5 20.10.2006V. Bobillier5 For the moment, these racks look like this : No side plates for air flow No internal support for cables No sliding bars No heat exchangers No flexible cooling pipes connecting HE No deflectors Already a turbine with rack monitoring and control (as we receive them and there is no much choice where to install them) Power distribution box installed. Goal: Have the racks prepared as much as possible so it can be nearly “plug and play” to install your equipment. If information is not received well in advance we will not be able to prepare your racks mechanically ! Planning: We need to know when you plan to come to pit 8 with the first equipment ?  Significant mechanical work still to be done in all other non-TELL1 racks (HV, LV and other equipments).  Sub-detectors must: Define the rack layout in rackwizard. Buy required equipment (deflector, heat exchangers, etc if standard recuperated ones are not ok). Rack internal cabling must be defined (equipment size, front/rear connection, air flow and other constraints must be taken into account). D3B03-05 racks in Counting House Calorimeter commissioning meeting

6 20.10.2006V. Bobillier6 The following items are now being installed in patch panel racks : ECS patch panels (SPECS) LVPS (both pwr and ctrl) DSS patch panels Those patch panels are connectorized NOW  This means no change in position will be possible afterwards ! Q2A01 patch panel rack in cavern Calorimeter commissioning meeting

7 20.10.2006V. Bobillier7 Long distance links (from patch panels to counting house) current status What has been done for the Calo: All copper cables : pulled Connector installation (LVPS and SPECS, PP side) : installed Connector installation (LVPS ctrl, CH side) : installed Remaining main tasks for the Calo : Reaming connector installation (All HV, SPECS CH side + others) Tests of all copper cables Installation and test of all optical fiber cables Calorimeter commissioning meeting

8 20.10.2006V. Bobillier8 Long distance links (from counting house to PP) missing information HV Connectivity layout HV patch panels and connectors Optical fiber connectivity layout Rack layout for D3B03-05. To do: Enter final rack layout (with all equipments) in rackwizard. Enter all optical fiber connectivity layout (both ends) using rackwizard (good and reactive support is now provided by Dirk Wiedner). Make very clear cable drawings for sub-detector specific links (mainly HV, good example can be seen here Provide HV and other specific patch panels and connectors. Calorimeter commissioning meeting

9 20.10.2006V. Bobillier9 Long distance links (from counting house to PP) missing information Deadlines For all:Final rack layoutASAP Calorimeter : - HV Connectivity layoutOct. 25 (mid next week) - HV patch panels and connectorsSame - Optical fiber connectivity layoutEnd Oct. (31.10) Muon : - All connectivity layout for Muon S1Oct. 27 (end next week) - Optical fiber connectivity layout (except for L0 trig)End Oct. (31.10) - HV connectivity layoutOct. 27 (end next week) - HV patch panels and connectorsSame Outer tracker : - All connectivity layout (optical fibers included)Nov. 6 (copper), End Oct. (fibers) Silicon tracker : - All connectivity layout (optical fibers included)Nov. 13 (copper), End Oct. (fibers) - HV patch panels and connectorsNov. 13 Rich : - All connectivity layout (optical fibers included)Nov. 27 (copper), End Oct. (fibers) - HV patch panels and connectorsNov. 27 VELO/Pile up :- All connectivity layout (optical fibers included)Dec. 11 (copper), End Oct. (fibers) - Analog link cables ??? (cable delivery, (start/end point for LV needed ASAP) connectorized or not ?) In Technical board yesterday

10 20.10.2006V. Bobillier10 Calorimeter commissioning meeting

11 20.10.2006V. Bobillier11 Long distance links (from CH to PP) cable tests Copper cables: - Continuity and short tests (at LV) will be made on all cables - No HV tests - No cross-talk, bandwidth or other similar kind of tests Optical fiber links: - Total power loss (dB) measurement - No OTDR tests - REMINDER : All link users must be capable of performing BER test with GOL. Calorimeter commissioning meeting

12 20.10.2006V. Bobillier12 Patch cord cables (in CH and from sub-det to PP) In CH : only optical fiber patch cords (MPO). From sub-det to PPall cable types (readout, power, control, DSS, etc.) REMINDER “Who is responsible for what” : Cable ordering: Sub-detectors Cable installation: Sub-detectors with help from CERN (to be discussed case by case in more detail). Connectors: Sub-detectors with help from CERN (to be discussed in more detail). Exception : TELL1 and UKL1 boards: sub-detectors only have to take care of MPO patch cords (input of TELL1). Other patch cords in TELL1 racks are installed by CERN. Tests of DAQ, ECS and TTC links to TELL1s will be done by Online. Tests for these links for UKL1 can only be done by online if soft is compatible (see with online if not). REMINDER: Particular care must be taken with optical fiber cables and connectors ! Calorimeter commissioning meeting

13 20.10.2006V. Bobillier13 Patch cord cables (in CH and from PP to sub-det) Who does what: Rich: Cabling done by themselves OT: Same Calorimeter: Help from CERN needed (until FP, to be discussed more in detail) Muon: Not well defined yet. ST: Help from CERN needed (to be discussed more in detail) Velo: Help from CERN needed (to be discussed more in detail) Further discussions are needed with sub-detectors requiring help for installation ! Russian cabling team will be 100% occupied with long distance links until end of January at least.  Hiring of temporary labor should be envisaged when needed for this cabling part. This will be organized centrally Cabling people to be supervised by sub-detector groups Calorimeter commissioning meeting

14 20.10.2006V. Bobillier14 Very simple conclusion : Use rackwizard to enter all information concerning your rack layout and cabling. Make precise drawing of specific cables (with explanations when particular care must be taken) Get the connectors (and special tools when needed) for long distance links to pit 8. If all this is not done very soon we will be blocked at some point with our Russian team playing cards at pit 8 !!! If we do not have information on time, racks and cables might look like that when you come at pit 8 with your equipment…! Conclusion Calorimeter commissioning meeting

15 20.10.2006V. Bobillier15 Questions / Comments ??? Calorimeter commissioning meeting

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