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QCDgrid User Interfaces James Perry, Andrew Jackson, Stephen Booth, Lorna Smith EPCC, The University Of Edinburgh.

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1 QCDgrid User Interfaces James Perry, Andrew Jackson, Stephen Booth, Lorna Smith EPCC, The University Of Edinburgh

2 QCDgrid Summary QCDgrid project is developing a data and compute grid for scientists in the UKQCD collaboration –data storage grid has been up and running for some months now –job submission system is in early stages of development –software developed is released as open source –builds on Globus 2.0, eXist XML database and various other technologies For more information on the project in general, see Lornas talk this afternoon!

3 User Requirements User interface is naturally driven by users requirements –most QCDgrid users have a good understanding of computers –for them, advanced scripting capabilities are more important than user-friendly GUIs –powerful command line interface is top priority for QCDgrid software GUIs also useful for some operations –for example, searching and browsing the metadata catalogue C and Java APIs facilitate integration with software in many different programming languages

4 Datagrid Interfaces Data management aspect of grid consists of two distinct parts Low level data replication deals with files themselves –files at this level are just blocks of binary data – they could contain anything –Globus replica catalogue maps logical filenames to actual physical locations Metadata catalogue associates some meaningful, structured information with each file –allows users to search for data more easily –maps interesting characteristics of data (structured as XML) to logical filenames

5 Low Level Data Grid Interface Low level operations provided by command line tools and C API –Java interface using JNI also available –SRM-compliant interface to some functionality Fairly small set of basic operations –put a file or directory on the grid –get a file or directory from the grid –delete a file or directory –list files on grid –register interest in a file or directory User must have a valid Globus proxy initialised

6 Data Grid Example Commands Some example data grid commands: put-file-on-qcdgrid /home/username/myfile gridfile - puts the local file myfile onto the grid under logical name gridfile - replication software will take care of deciding where to store the file, adding replica catalogue entries, etc. get-file-from-qcdgrid -R griddir /tmp/mydir - gets directory griddir from the grid, storing it in local directory /tmp/mydir - -R switch means recursive, works with most QCDgrid commands

7 More Example Commands More example commands... qcdgrid-list - lists all files on grid by logical name i-like-this-file interestingdata - registers interest in the file with logical name interestingdata - replication system takes this into account, tries to store files close to where they are most often wanted qcdgrid-delete olddata - removes all copies of the file olddata from grid

8 Data Grid APIs APIs provide similar functionality –Example: QCDgridClient grid = QCDgridClient.getClient(true); String logicalFile = gridfile; File physicalFile = new File(localfile); grid.getFile(logicalFile, physicalFile);

9 Metadata Problem: logical file names may not be meaningful –users may have trouble finding data Solution: metadata catalogue –associate some meaningful information with each file on the grid –including date produced, machine used, code used, actual physical parameters –users can then search on these fields –metadata is XML, stored in eXist XML database –queried using XPath query language Command line, GUI and Java interfaces (via standard XMLDB API) available

10 Metadata Interface: Commands Command line functionality currently limited to 3 operations –submit –remove –update schema Examples: java QCDgridMetadataClient localhost:8080/exist \ updateSchema newschema.xsd java QCDgridMetadataClient localhost:8080/exist \ submit newfile.xml newdocumentid

11 Metadata Interface: GUI Metadata browser GUI allows users to easily search for the data they want - XPath queries can be built using simple graphical input methods - GUI generated automatically from current schema - when schema is updated, GUI updates itself - matching data can be easily retrieved from the grid

12 Searching MDC, Step 1 Main browser window gives a list of saved queries –these are stored in the users profile –support for libraries of queries is planned

13 Searching MDC, Step 2 Creating a new query –first a node in the XML document structure must be selected from the tree –tree is automatically generated from schema when browser starts up –e.g. to find all the data produced on a certain date, user should select the date node

14 Searching MDC, Step 3 Once node has been selected, predicate must be specified –this is just an XPath term for criteria for matching node data –predicate can be entered as raw XPath if desired –most users will want to make use of form to simplify process

15 Searching MDC, Step 3 cont... More complex queries can be created relatively easily –in this example, the query is extended to search for data from 2 years –for most queries, knowledge of XPath is not required

16 Searching MDC, Step 4 New query now appears on list –from here, queries can be managed –queries can be combined together –or can be submitted to the database backend

17 Searching MDC, Step 5 Matching metadata documents are displayed –XML is parsed into easy-to-read, expandable tree format –corresponding data files can be fetched from grid at the press of a button

18 Job Submission QCDgrid job submission still in very early stages As with data management, users require command interface that can be used from scripts –integration with data grid will simplify user interface –unlike plain Globus, job input, output and error streams can be redirected to and from the users console –this allows for interactive jobs on the grid – useful for debugging etc. GUI or web portal interface may be added later

19 Example Commands Early prototype of job submission software is up and running Syntax quite similar to globus-job-run –Example commands: qcdgrid-job-submit \ /bin/date qcdgrid-job-submit \ /usr/bin/program arg1 arg2 arg3 \ --fetch-from-qcdgrid gridName localName

20 Administrator Interface Previous slides have focussed on normal end users experience QCDgrid software also provides tools to aid in administration –commands to add and remove grid nodes, and change the state of existing nodes –commands for building and maintaining the Globus replica catalogue –commands for maintaining directory of grid users Admin GUI to integrate many of these functions is a possibility

21 Some Admin Commands Administrators are identified by their certificate subjects –Must have a valid proxy with subject listed in the config file before executing these commands add-qcdgrid-node Edinburgh \ /home/qcdgrid disable-qcdgrid-node verify-qcdgrid-rc adduser James Perry \ /O=certificate/O=subject/CN=jtp \

22 Interface Summary Low level data grid has command line interface and APIs Metadata catalogue mainly accessed through browser GUI –this also integrates with low level data grid Job submission currently usable from command line only –possible GUI/web portal in future Various admin tools exist or are in development Better integration of the different parts of the project is planned

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