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Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager

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1 Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager

2 Funders and Open Access Open Access to research –Benefits for funders and researchers –Opens new readers and uses –Assists information management –... but slow to reach the tipping point Funders have recognised: –the benefits of OA for their work –their position allows them to gain those benefits by working with researchers –released policies which need action

3 JULIET lists funding bodies policies on open access through archiving, publication and data exposure A companion to RoMEO... JULIET tells you what funders require you to do with your research... RoMEO tells you which journals will let you do it. JULIET

4 Analyses funding agency policies and research contracts Summarises conditions relating to Open Access to research outputs Grades policies according to the requirements Used by repository managers; research managers; researchers; research support offices; funders and publishers Assists compliance, workflows and policy development JULIET

5 Whether to archive: Deposit required What to archive: The full final version When to archive: On publication The ideal publications archiving policy has three key parts: Open Access Archiving

6 Open Access Publishing Whether to publish: Publication in Open Access Journal or Hybrid Journal required An Open Access Publications policy gives, by definition, open access

7 Open Access Data Whether to archive: Data archiving required When to archive: Within five years Open Access to Data has diverse interpretations. JULIET reflects identified ideal practice:

8 NIH request had low compliance ~ 5% –requirements imply close compliance –need work-flows and support to build that compliance JULIET lists 31 funding agencies –25 have archiving requirements –7 have data requirements 6 of 7 RCUK have archiving requirements 36 of 38 Russell/1994 Group have repositories Tipping point in sight... Numbers

9 JULIET Screen #1

10 BBSRC Screen #1

11 BBSRC Screen #2

12 Demonstration

13 Maintenance and Growth SHERPA maintains JULIET through dedicated support and community contributions Expansion work funded by RLUK International contacts and contributors 11 countries represented - aim to grow We welcome comments, contributions or collaborative projects

14 Bill Hubbard


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