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Aah … Agent 007 … you found us at last … here is your briefing: TOP SECRET.

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2 Aah … Agent 007 … you found us at last … here is your briefing: TOP SECRET

3 Exxon Valdez is a DISASTER.. We must protect B.P. …our countrys interests are at stake … if public interest turns on them … WELL IT MUST NOT 007. TOP SECRET

4 We need your report to find out what is going on … Was it an accident? Was it a crime? Was it SMERSH? Write your report as outlined below..

5 007 Report to include… 1.The Location (include map) 2.The dangers to shipping (out of Valdez) 3.What happened to the Exxon Valdez 4.A conclusion … regarding blame or no blame. TOP SECRET Briefing continues …

6 The Valdez Oil Terminal The Exxon Valdez set sail from here Around midnight at the start of March 24 th 1989 TOP SECRET

7 The tanker entered Prince William Sound and changed shipping lanes to avoid growlers (small icebergs) coming off the Columbia glacier TOP SECRET

8 There are many dangers to shipping in the area …. Scrambled Message: Feersceigrebslagestapcani H. Rteahuqaeksrranoswstim and gfo Play the Movie 007 … the new Bond movie.. It will help.Movie 007 But it was calm!! It was dark. It was Spring so it was cold THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED … … Focus on the crew 007! Geog Online

9 The ship ran aground on the Bligh Reef shortly after midnight in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Eventually it spilled more than 11 million gallons of crude oil. Captain Hazlewood had drunk all day and so had gone to his bunk He left the unqualified third mate in charge He went the wrong side of the marker buoys and hit the reef Captain Hazlewood radioed ashore to alert the coastguard TOP SECRET

10 "Let's see if we can miss the reef this time," Joseph Hazelwood says to me. Then he laughs. He may have lost his career, his ship, and his reputation, but he's still got perspective. He's still cool about it. Earlier today, Hazelwood was describing a different tanker run that he made through Prince William Sound. "We left Valdez fully loaded..." He pulls up short. "The ship, I mean - not me." The Marlboro tip glows and bobs. Captain Hazlewood – an alcoholic and a convicted drink driver on land. TOP SECRET

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