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Major Relief Features (Landforms) of Continental Areas.

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1 Major Relief Features (Landforms) of Continental Areas

2 The brown area shows the part of the North American continent that has been stable for over 600 million years. This region is made up of a basement older Precambrian metamorphic and igneous rock that is mostly covered by a relatively thin cover of younger sedimentary rock. Geologists call these long-stable continental cores cratons.600 million years Precambrian metamorphic igneous rocksedimentary rock

3 The Canadian or Laurentian Shield (Craton)

4 Stable Platform area

5 Old Fold Mountains

6 Atlantic Coastal Plain

7 Atlantic Continental Shelf

8 Atlantic Continental Slope

9 Young Fold Mountains: Cordillera: Accretionary Belt: And Volcanoes

10 Nearby ocean feature - Deep Sea Trench

11 Batholith igneous rock cores to mountain ranges

12 Volcanoes: Mount Rainier in the Cascade Range

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