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Hello, I am a Polar Inuit from Qaanaaq. This is my home.

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2 Hello, I am a Polar Inuit from Qaanaaq. This is my home.

3 Me I live and work in Qaanaaq, but my family originally came from the settlement of Thule the furthest northern settlement in the world, but it was bulldozed by the Americans with the permission of the Danish government to become anuclear and air base. I enjoy hunting seals with my harpoon, but I spend most of my time working at one of the few places you can find work, the furthest north restaurant, the Polar Grill. Many my friends cant find jobs and I think myself lucky to have such a great job. But more importantly when I get free time I love to hunt seals. I find waiting with a raised harpoon by a small seal breathing hole more exciting then anything.

4 Family I live with my family, my 90 year old mother, 20 year old unemployed sister and my foreign lodger from Macedonia. Here in Qaanaaq we feel a strong tie to our family and keep together. In the past it was stay together or die, Sticking together has stuck through.

5 The Community I live in the colourful town of Qaanaaq, most houses are made of brightly painted wood with steep metal roofs so snow will fall off. (We certainly have colourful characters as well as buildings) There are few services and fewer to provide them to, unemployment is a major problem. What can you do other than hunt and fish, but with animal activism and global warming were being hit hardest first.

6 Nation We have been semi autonomous since 1987, but Denmark manages foreign and defence policies. Sometimes even though the Danes let us have two representatives in their Parliament we feel neglected treated like idiots by the Danish people. Green land is made up of variety of Qaanaaq

7 Continent As we are strictly party of Denmark we were forced to join the EU when they joined it in the 1973. But we dropped the EU over stringent fishing laws in 1985 after becoming a semi automatons 1979. The first men (Americans, sigh) to reach the north pole passed through Qaanaaq. Greenland

8 Global Globally my country is suffering the first casualties of global warming. The ice caps are melting, causing the hunting and fishing that we survive on to deteriorate. An American run airbase was built on the settlement of Thule in the 1950s during the Cold War. Several years ago an aircraft carrying nuclear weapons crashed and deadly uranium and plutonium shards were thrown across the ice. Over one kg is yet to be recovered – enough to build a nuclear bomb. In the surrounding hunting grounds mutants have appeared such as furless seals.

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