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The Industrial Triangle

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1 The Industrial Triangle
The Advantages of the North Italian Plain.

2 Milan Turin Genoa

3 The Po Valley and the North Italian Plain

4 Rice fields on the River Po flood plain

5 Milan

6 Traffic policeman and nightlife in Milan

7 Milan Fashion Week - Versace
For Versace, it's all about daywear. Her collection was luxurious (lots of fur), figure-hugging and occasionally romantic (chiffon).

8 Turin – Winter Olympics 2006.

9 Turin the city and the Alps in the distance

10 The Fiat factory at Turin – originally plenty of flat land for building on.

11 The port of Genoa.

12 The new container port at Voltri.

13 Physics Department of Genoa University

14 Mediterranean beaches in summer

15 The Italian Lakes area – weekend and summer breaks

16 The Mont Blanc tunnel for easy access to the rest of Europe by road.

17 Hydro-Electric Power up in the Alps.

18 10 million in the Industrial Triangle and 4 million migrants from The south since 1950

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