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Comparing Climates Arviat – Canada Tsandi Namibia.

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1 Comparing Climates Arviat – Canada Tsandi Namibia

2 Where is it? Location Arviat formerly known as Eskimo Point. What is it Like? Climate / seasons? How does the Climate affect peoples way of life?

3 Population: 1559 Hudson Bay Toronto Location – distance and direction from a bigger place. +/- general statements.

4 Summer season - Weather?Plants? Humans?

5 Arviat is a coastal village in the new Inuit territory of Nunavut. It is situated by Hudson Bay which is frozen for 9 months of the year. Here Inuit people have to adapt to the freezing climate of the tundra. (information provided in exam booklet)

6 Tsandi

7 Tsandi – Namibia … a country in the south west of Africa

8 Tsandi is a village in the north of Namibia. Villagers rely on wells for water supply. Rainfall is rare with most falling between December and March when winds blow from the ocean. Here villagers have adapt to the hot desert climate.

9 West ……. Longitude 0* ……. East North Equator South Comparing the locations of Arviat and Tsandi

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