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Should Annie Schmidt leave Windy Creek, Colorado?.

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1 Should Annie Schmidt leave Windy Creek, Colorado?

2 Windy Creek is a small town of 620 residents

3 Windy Creek is a beautiful river. Its water in summer comes from melting snow in the mountains. The scenery is great.

4 The winters are cold with plenty of snow.

5 Annie loves skiing, canoeing and back- packing.

6 Half the people in Windy Creek are aged over 50!

7 Windy Creek only has an elementary (junior) school. There is 4 stores – foodstore, hardware, clothes and hairdresser. There is a petrol station and a bar.

8 The nearest cinema and fashion shops are 80 miles away in Laramie.

9 Annie has 3 uncles, 4 aunts, 3 grandparents and 7 cousins in Windy Creek. Annie loves family get togethers.

10 Annie has been to College and is a qualified business manager. Her boyfriend who she met at college lives in Arizona. Colorado

11 Annies best friend – Beth – has got married and lives on a ranch about 15 miles away.

12 Annie works part time as a waitress in a diner. She cannot afford a car on her wages.

13 Annie is ambitious and does not want to waste her education. She has been offered a job as a trainee manager for a car leasing firm in Tucson, Arizona.

14 Should she stay or should she go? Annie does love Windy Creek.

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