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Cribbs Causeway The Mall, Bristol.

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1 Cribbs Causeway The Mall, Bristol

2 Location relative to Bristol
Location relative to Motorways

3 Ownership:66% owned jointly by CSC and Prudential

4 The Site The Cribbs Causeway Development Area (defined by the Bristol North Fringe Local Plan 1987) was previously agricultural land, which accommodated 5 farms and 45 residential properties. Northavon District Council identified Cribbs Causeway for development in 1981.

5 Cribbs Causeway is a location just north of Bristol, England, best known for The Mall, a large out-of-town shopping centre. The Mall, with around 14 million visitors a year, is one of the two major shopping centres in the Bristol area, the other being Broadmead.

6 The Mall The Mall, opened on March 31, 1998, comprises 135 shops on two levels, although some of the large stores occupy more levels. The major businesses are Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Boots. At its centre point The Mall has a large fountain with an impressive water display.

7 In all there are 7000 free car park spaces serving Cribbs
In all there are 7000 free car park spaces serving Cribbs. In my experience this is adequate although peak times can produce restrictions in traffic-flow and hard to find parking spaces, in fact very busy times such as the lead up to Christmas can result in tailbacks right back to junction 15 of the M5!

8 Liberty International bought a 50% stake in Prudential Insurance’s share of Cribbs Causeway and other Property for £653 million. Ranked number 13 by volume of trade in the U.K.

9 Size:995,000 sq ft (92,436 sq m) of retail space
No of shops:135 shops and 2 anchor stores Anchor stores:Marks & Spencer, John Lewis Catchment:Total population resident in catchment area is 4.6million (peak)

10 Indoor shopping space Central fountain

11 M&S – one of the anchor stores

12 Cafes and light.

13 Other retail park units.

14 Leisure Park: The scheme comprises a 12 screen cinema ‘Vue’ (ex Warner Bros.) totalling 4,645 sq. metres, a leisure building (previously “Dave and Busters” themed entertainment space now vacant) totalling 4,180, a health and fitness club totalling 1,860 sq. metres, and four restaurants. Plus two “drive-thru” restaurants.

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