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123 456 789. Sahara – heat mirage.

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1 123 456 789










11 Sahara – heat mirage

12 What are We Learning Today The features of the Hot Desert Climate To think about how the climate affects people To look at a climate graph and to understand what the figures really mean.

13 What are We Looking For? Best standards of presentation Understanding of the task Explanations of the raesoins behind answers you give Work completed by next lesson.

14 Gimme 5 …. 1 2 3 4 5

15 PICTURE REVEAL Once youve read this, you can delete this slide. All you need to do is: Open the presentation (youve done that already) Go to VIEW, MASTER, SLIDE MASTER Right click on the MASTER SLIDE. Choose BACKGROUND, FILL EFFECTS, PICTURE and browse to the picture of your choice. Set this as the backgound on the master slides and all other slides will now have this picture hidden by the boxes. Ask pupils to choose a number and this will reveal one square. They have 5 seconds to look and guess, then click HOME. They need to keep in mind what theyve seen as they only get one section of the picture at a time. Once someone gets the correct answer, click home then click on the INFORMATION action button to reveal the actual picture. Students could also be asked to talk about the section they see, or name 3 things they can identify etc… So by changing the picture on the MASTER SLIDE you can create as many of these as you like. Alan Parkinson, adapted from picture-board by John Hamshaw on SLN Geography

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