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Where? Why? Who?

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1 Where? Why? Who?

2 Some questions to think about... Where is piracy a problem in the World? Why has Somalia been a fertile ground for piracy? What impact does piracy have on us? How can merchants prevent hijackings?

3 Video

4 Piracy and me... Increase in hijackings Payments for ransoms Increased insurance payments Increased security Higher high street prices Longer journeys- therefore more fuel

5 Failed state- government is not in full control. Stable government which is in control of the country. Much of the population is reliant on food aid. High returns from ransoms paid for ships and crews- average $2 million. Most ransoms are unlikely to be paid. Huge coastal area makes it uneasy to police. Average income in Somalia is $600 dollars per capita. Strong international support for the Somali government. There are few employment opportunities in Somalia. Employment opportunities are widely available. Large coastal area. Small coastal area. Large number of ex- fisherman that know the area well. Pirates are shunned by the local population. Pirates are viewed as heroes by the local population. Large number of armed and experienced warlords from the civil war. Illegal fishing of Somali waters has put fisherman out of business. There is a well developed welfare system in the country. Where is Somalia? Why is piracy an issue?

6 Impact on Somalia Local farmers and fishermen leave to join pirates Wealthy pirates encourage the consumption of drugs alien to local culture Local prices increase due to influx of dollars- quality of life decreases for locals as a result Pirates take multiple wives from poorer nomadic tribes- this impacts on rural traditional life Ransom money is reinvested in more sophisticated weaponry making governance of the area more difficult Discourages investment and trade in the country. Other nations enter Somalia to track and capture pirates- undermining the national government?

7 Blue lines show densest shipping routes. A global issue?

8 Countries with active pirate crews Somalia Bangladesh Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Ghana Vietnam Nigeria Tanzania Brazil

9 How well organised are the pirates of Somalia? Local knowledge of the coast. Fast speed boats. GPS and satellite phones. Heavily armed, machine guns and grenade launchers. Contacts in the local ports. Boarding equipment such as ladders and grappling hooks.

10 How effective would these measures be against piracy? Secure ship- electric fence around the ship delivering a 9,000 volt shock Advice given to cargo ships in pirate waters Tracking device for ship Emergency alarm- to inform shipping company and authorities 24 hour look outs Razor wire around accessible parts of the ship Trailing ropes and cargo nets Install high powered flood lights Bridge and accommodation to be secured High powered hoses and water cannons Hired armed security teams


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