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Clinical Expertise Database Sue Watson Head of MedTech Services Health Enterprise East.

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1 Clinical Expertise Database Sue Watson Head of MedTech Services Health Enterprise East

2 Clinical Insight? A database of clinical stakeholders willing to engage with industry Provides a mechanism to readily identify NHS experts by their clinical and research interests It speeds up the process of clinical engagement for Industry by only approaching those who have already indicated a willingness to collaborate Provides an access point for product developers who would otherwise struggle to identify and engage with the right stakeholders Helps to promote knowledge transfer between the NHS and Industry

3 Why is Clinical Insight needed? Defines and validates the need for a technology or solution and ensures product developers are responding to the needs of the NHS Helps increase the likelihood of device acceptance, reducing the risk of abandonment Helps to build in superior usability, this can be an effective selling point and a powerful marketing tool Promotes collaborative working to benefit both industry and NHS Phase IV Phase 0 Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase V Planning and architecture Detailed design development Concept development & proof of principle Opportunity identification and validation Testing, verification and optimisation Validation and launch

4 What did the project set out to do? A basic database existed following a small project to develop of Clinical Insight for The Cambridge and Peterborough HIEC (Health Innovation & Education Cluster) This project was to expand the reach of Clinical Insight Refine the database and information captured within Develop a front-end website Recruit stakeholders Codify services to Industry Expand recruitment across the East of England Develop marketing materials Launch and promote the service

5 What have we achieved? Developed a website and expanded the back-end Recruited clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders from across the Eastern region There are currently over 400 stakeholders on the database and we are still actively recruiting New focus on GPs Community-based stakeholders Over 30 different medical specialties Stakeholders are currently drawn from 39 Trusts Held a launch event with both Industry and clinical stakeholders Actively using the database to engage with stakeholders for MedTech projects

6 How does the service work? Clinical stakeholders Information about their specialty, research interests, fee rates is collected and securely stored Kept informed of recent projects and contacted yearly to update information Industry Website enables Industry to see how many individuals we have in a particular specialty area, information about our services and contact forms HEE acts as a gate keeper Contact with stakeholders is via HEE, contact details are not available via the website HEE attends all interactions to maintain the integrity of the service

7 Case study: Supporting the SBRI Healthcare programme SBRI Healthcare programme – The programme provides financial support to industry to develop technologies that benefit patients – Each SBRI competition is run along different themes to address unmet needs in specified clinical area Applications for SBRI funding have to be clinically assessed to ensure each is relevant and practicable – Clinical Insight has been instrumental in idnetfying suitable candidates for this process Successful applicants are guaranteed access to clinicians – The winners from the Medicines Management competition (Feb 13) has been able to get stakeholder feedback from specialist clinicians found using the database – For one medical device company we have been able to show their idea to 10 different clinicians as part of their feasibility study

8 Case study: Providing feedback on a cardiology product Our client had developed a novel ECG product and required some feedback from clinical stakeholders – To review newly prepared marketing material to see whether it addressed key criteria – Give insight into the key product features required to gain acceptance in the NHS (e.g. security issues such as encryption) Clinical Insight database provided contacts in Cardiology departments to enable 5 meetings to be quickly arranged The company gained insight into the key technical and product features required for such a device and a greater understanding of the potential application areas for the product within the NHS

9 Case study: Dementia stakeholder workshop A one-day focus group of stakeholders to enable a company with a novel dementia diagnosis tool understand more about the dementia care pathway Recruited a group of 7 dementia stakeholders representing primary, secondary and community care Facilitated a review of the care pathway and introduced the product to the stakeholders for constructive feedback The client gained a greater understanding of dementia diagnosis from a range of different stakeholder perspectives, understood the challenges and gained a useful network of contacts for product trials

10 What are our future plans? On-going recruitment Increasing the geographical spread of Clinical Insight Developing service offerings and increased marketing of the service Development of a parallel database Patient Insights to facilitate product developers engaging with individuals self-managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD, Asthma & RA

11 HEE Ltd CTBI Building Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Papworth Everard Cambridge CB23 3RE 01480 364925

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