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Unit 8 Magnetism `.

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1 Unit 8 Magnetism `

2 Magnetic Properties Permanent Magnets Permanent magnet
Poles (north and south) If you chop them in half, each half still has a N and S pole Like poles repel Opposite poles attract Permanent magnet naturally magnetic materials iron, cobalt, and nickel

3 What makes materials magnetic?
Groups of atoms that have aligned electrons are called domains domains are aligned in permanent magnets

4 Magnetic Field Every magnet creates a magnetic field in the space around it This is how magnets have forces between them without even touching

5 Electromagnets an electrical current passes through a coil of wire wrapped around some iron more current, stronger magnet Can be turned on and off

6 Electromagnetic induction
Flowing current induces a magnetic field a moving magnet induces electrical current to flow

7 Electric Motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
A current causes an electromagnet to rotate

8 Electric Generators Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
A coil of wire rotates within a magnetic field-generates a current Generator simulation

9 Making electricity Begin with fuel (chemical energy- fossil fuels) or another form of energy (nuclear, solar, hydro) Convert from one form of energy into mechanical energy (turn turbine- large fan) Turbine will rotate a magnet in a coil of copper wire (generator!!) Electrons flow in the wire…viola..electricity

10 Energy conversion

11 Transmitting electricity
Increase voltage for travel Decrease voltage when at your home Use transformer – electrical device that changes voltage

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