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1. 2 Youth Service Restructure Launch of Formal Consultation on Draft Action Plan 14 th September 2010.

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2 2 Youth Service Restructure Launch of Formal Consultation on Draft Action Plan 14 th September 2010

3 3 Welcome Purpose of this meeting Content and programme of meetings for this morning What is included in a Draft Action Plan?

4 4 Section 1 - Background Financial situation Need to re-focus Staffing costs make up 88% of Service budget Less venues – closure of Wigston and Glenfield Youth Centres and Brocks Hill Admin Base. Phase 2 of changes will affect sessional staff and will begin later this year

5 5 Section 2-Formal consultation 90 days Consulting on Service restructure and on Terms & Conditions for some staff How can I respond? Unions have been invited to participate Opportunities for further group and individual meetings Regular communication and updates, FAQs Support for staff will be made available

6 6 Section 3 – Posts and post holders affected Lists all posts affected in Phase 1 84 staff affected Why these staff? Current structure charts are in appendices

7 7 Section 4 - Proposals A set of guiding principles was applied when creating these proposals Design of new Service includes 3 teams –Management Team: reduced from 11 to 5 –Operational Team: YDW and some other posts end. Create 12 new posts in new localities –Support Team: Based at County Hall. Clerical support at Free Standing Centres and in localities. Area Offices close.

8 8 New localities 1Ashby, Measham, Moira, Ibstock 2Birstall, Syston/Thurmaston, Mountsorrel 3Coalville, Greenhill 4Earl Shilton, Market Bosworth 5Enderby, Braunstone, Groby, Countesthorpe 6Hinckley, Burbage 7Loughborough North 8Loughborough South, Quorn 9Market Harborough, Kibworth, Lutterworth, Broughton Astley 10Melton, Vale of Belvoir 11Shepshed, Castle Donington 12Wigston, Oadby

9 9 Section 4 – continued: Impact on staff Some posts unchanged Some posts substantially the same but with different titles and/or line management Some posts substantially the same but reduced in number Some posts deleted New posts created All posts in the new structure are listed in a table and a structure chart is in the appendices

10 10 Section 5 - Implementation All new posts have been Job Evaluated 25 people will be confirmed in post Everyone else will be placed in one of 8 ring fences for identified posts Selection process is set out in the plan A description of the impact of the proposed changes on each current post is listed A structure chart for the new service is included in the appendices

11 11 Section 6 – Redeployment and Section 7 - Redundancy What happens if I do not secure a post? After each ring fenced selection process those staff who do not secure a post in the new structure will be issued with a notice of redundancy and receive redeployment status Assistance in securing redeployment Requests for Voluntary Redundancy will be considered but approval cannot be guaranteed Flexible retirement will be considered where there is no additional cost to the service

12 12 Section 8 - Timescales 14th September 2010 Start of formal consultation and circulation on Draft Action Plan 5th October 2010 Consultation meeting on changes to Terms and Conditions 3rd December 2010 Expressions of interest for Voluntary Redundancy to be submitted 13th December 2010 Final consultation staff meeting and confirmation of criteria for application for posts 14th December 2010 End of formal consultation 17th December 2010Once all comments and suggestions have been seriously and thoroughly considered, the draft Action Plan will be finalised. 4th January 2011Closing date for receipt of applications for posts 5th January 2011Start of recruitment process. 31st January 2011End of recruitment process for Phase 1 of the restructure.

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