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Lesley Eddleston, Senior Landscape Architect Leicestershire County Council

2 Landscape Partnership projects
Outcomes for heritage Outcomes for people Outcomes for communities 20-30 projects across the nine outcomes Projects must be defined by the needs of both the landscape and the community and must ‘take a holistic approach to landscape character’ Emphasise NEEDS – not just pet projects, must be able to demonstrate need and benefit Projects may run for full five years or may be one-off events – could be large scale or very small scale delivery, depending on what sort of organisation is delivering a particular project eg LCC might deliver a landscape grants scheme, or a parish council might deliver a village tree planting project

3 What do we want to achieve?
By 2020 : people living in and around Charnwood Forest will understand and take pride in its internationally significant geological heritage people will have greater awareness of the complexity and value of Charnwood Forest’s natural and cultural heritage and its intimate relationship with geology the condition of the features which contribute to Charnwood Forest’s landscape character will be improved and enhanced people will have better access to Charnwood Forest, linked to improved physical and mental health and wellbeing Will be up to the Landscape Partnership Board to define a vision but some initial personal thoughts

4 The big idea …. Geology is Charnwood Forest’s USP age of rocks
geological story fossils and minerals affects soils, vegetation, settlement, wildlife, landscape quarrying (and links with historic transport routes) What makes CF unique – the geology and the way it underlies everything about landscape character – thinking that this will provide theme for the bid. How do we use that to pull the bid together? – still grappling with that question

5 Themes and projects … Gateways
- using existing sites around the Forest (eg Charnwood Museum, New Walk Museum, Bradgate Park, Beaumanor Hall, Snibston) to inform and engage people; - a dedicated website as a central point for information about the Forest, links to partner organisations, volunteering opportunities, photo gallery, online access to geological collections Access - links to/from the Forest for surrounding communities - what have we got? - what do we need? Landscape management - grants for management works - grants for small vernacular structures - training in landscape management skills Outcome of past few months of meetings Lots and lots of ideas – some worked up in detail; some ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ Still interested in ideas BUT we now need to firm up on broad project areas – sufficient detail to show HLF that they’re realistic Gateway sites – could have webcam links to key sites Access – audit physical and walks provision; could include physical improvements to existing routes, making better links, improved public transport But also much more eg Castle Hill Country Park link which could involve historic routes and local communities Bid will recognise strong links between CF and surrounding communities – although can’t fund physical works outside the project boundary Still not sure if we need a ‘big project’ to give the bid real impact – maybe something we can discuss later

6 Other projects … Schools links – local and international
Wildlife recording – village bioblitz or garden observations - training in recording skills - recording projects for particular species eg tawny owl Friends groups Religion and the Forest – Ulverscroft Priory, Mt St Bernard’s, Grace Dieu, Garendon Artists in residence and projects to help individuals and communities celebrate the beauty of Charnwood Forest and its heritage through the arts WWII connections, particularly with Beaumanor but scattered throughout the area Feasibility study for re-opening small scale quarry to provide local stone for works in Conservation Areas Schools - rural/urban twinning, learning about each others’ environments Wildlife recording – ref Steve Woodward’s presentation Friends groups – quite a range of groups, but some major sites don’t have them. Set up new groups, learn from each other – bringing different parts of the Forest together Friends groups – Holly Hayes great example – could we have a community wood with a friends group for every community? Religion – also pre-Christian traditions NOT EXHAUSTIVE – this and previous slide represent what we believe from our series of meetings to date to be goers … but you may think otherwise

7 Application example Identify any possible projects that have been discussed by your partnership Private landowners/organisations in the area will be encouraged to conserve natural and man made landscape features and to take up small Landscape Conservation Grants to help do this eg reinstating drystone walls on the approaches to villages £330,000 Key landscape features caused by human activity, such as historic industrial transport routes, will be conserved and enhanced. A major project will be the upgrading of the Archaeological Way to form a walking and cycling 'spine' through the area £200,000 Opportunities for communities to contribute to landscape conservation through learning new skills in a Community Skills Programme. New volunteers in practical conservation and environmental improvement work will receive informal and on the job training £120,000 Selected projects (3 of 13) from the successful Limestone Journeys LP application in Derbyshire – text has been cut down, but gives an idea of the level of detail needed for Round 1 – though obviously projects need to be developed in enough detail to cost realistically. Limestone Journeys Total scheme cost c £2.5 million. Total grant requested c £1.9 million.

8 Discussion … Are we heading in the right direction?
Have we got broadly the right themes/projects? What can you contribute? Over to you Are we heading in the right direction? Reaching a stage where we need to firm up ideas, but we will try to make the bid submission as flexible as we can. Those who were at the May meeting may remember Hester Kapur’s presentation from the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership – some R1 projects simply didn’t run when it came to work them up at R2 Have we got the right themes and projects? Have you got any money?!


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