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Commissioning intentions and the role of the Market Development Team.

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1 Commissioning intentions and the role of the Market Development Team

2 Personalisation means change Wider public sector reforms designed to give more choice, control and power to individual citizens and local communities. Commissioning role within social care is changing Personal budgets will mean a move away from block contracting, with more purchasing decisions being made by individuals.

3 Commissioning Community Life Choices Existing contractual arrangements are due to end September 2012 New commissioning arrangements need to encompass principles of personalisation Greater choice and control for service users in commissioning services

4 Commissioning principles People who are eligible for social care services will be allocated a Personal Budget – the amount of money available to spend on meeting their support needs. When a persons Support Plan has been agreed, they can get their Personal Budget in several different ways: 1.A Cash Payment – paid straight into the persons bank account (this needs to be a separate account just for this money). 2.A Third Party Cash Payment – paid to someone else who will manage the money for the person. There are several ways of doing this: (a)Payment to a Family Carer or other Supporter (b)Payment to a Provider Managed Account (c)Payment to a separate Independent Payments Service The third party is accountable to the Customer, who is accountable to the County Council. 3.A Managed Budget – the Council will hold onto the budget and buy the persons care and support. 4.A Combination of a Managed Budget and a Cash Payment, or a Managed Budget and a Third Party Cash Payment.

5 A Framework Agreement for Commissioning Managed Services Framework Agreement will provide a mechanism for commissioning services where services users choose for their services to be organised/commissioned by the Council Tender process will run during 2012 to select providers to be part of the Framework Agreement Aim to be operational from 1 st October 2012 Market Development team will be working to set up the Framework Agreement This work will include engagement with providers, customers and other stakeholders

6 The Market Development Team 1. Carry out procurement and tendering activity for the Department 2. Support the development of a provider market that can respond to the personalisation of social care services

7 Market Development aims… To encourage and promote ChooseMySupport and other networks and forums that will encourage provider engagement To support existing providers to develop services, including services that are creative and innovative in meeting a diverse range of needs To encourage and support new providers into the market, in particular smaller social/micro enterprises To use market intelligence information to shape the market with providers, so gaps in service provision are identified and filled We will work with providers as part of the transition process to identify issues and ensure provider readiness for delivering personalised services

8 Tracey Montgomery is the Team manager The team is organised on a locality basis. Members of the team also each take the lead in relation to specific client groups Oadby & Wigston Blaby CharnwoodNorth West Leics Melton Harborough Hinckley & Bosworth Ali MaullinCaroline BlankleySharon AikenCarol StanyardSinder Mahil Tel: 0116 3054994Tel: 0116 3055531Tel: 0116 3056239Tel: 0116 3057554Tel: 0116 3059382 Mob: 07769 670840Mob: 07506 529022 James O'FlynnVickie HodgesNas MuljiDanielle SmeetonHelen Tasker Tel: 0116 3059212Tel: 0116 3059213Tel: 0116 3055174Tel: 0116 3058237Tel: 0116 3059211 james.o' Client Group Adults with Mental Health Difficulties Client Group Adults with Learning Disabilities Client Group Older Persons and Adults with Physical Disabilities Client Group Vulnerable Groups Please contact us if you want to find out more……

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