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Kettil Cedercreutz, PhD Associate Provost University of Cincinnati March 14, 2013 Professional Practice & Experiential Learning Presentation for Ohio House.

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1 Kettil Cedercreutz, PhD Associate Provost University of Cincinnati March 14, 2013 Professional Practice & Experiential Learning Presentation for Ohio House Finance & Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee

2 UC Board of Trustees 1905 We will allow Dean Herman Schneider to try this cooperative idea of education for one year only, for the failure of which we will not be held accountable


4 Professional Day One !

5 Curricula Provide Structure

6 Professionals need Muscles !

7 Academic Programs: 40 Co-op Quarters Annually: 5,832 Quart Annual Student Earnings: $44 M Professional Practice In Numbers 250 Quarter 200 Courses / Year Rapidly Growing ! Earnings + 72% Over 10 years Co-op: Internships: Service Learning:

8 FreshmenSophomorePre-JuniorJuniorSenior Foundation Exploration Professional Contribution & Change Generation Progressive Learning Objectives FSSuFSpSuFSpSuFSpSuFSp

9 1234 4/5 5 123 Section A FSSuFSpSuFSpSuFSpSuFSp FreshmenSophomorePre-JuniorJuniorSenior Section B Alternating Sections

10 4 1235 51234 Grad. Yr 2017 Grad. Yr 2016 Single Sections FreshmenSophomorePre-JuniorJuniorSenior FreshmenSophomorePre-JuniorJuniorSenior

11 Grad. Yr 2017 Academic Internships FreshmenSophomoreJunior Senior Intro to Internships 3 Cr.h.

12 Co-op: - Engineering, A pplied Science Internships & S ervice Learning: - Design, Architecture, B usiness One Stop Structure 1,800 Companies & Not for Profits Professional Practice - All UC Colleges 400 New Companies per year

13 Academic Division ProPEL 22 Faculty 9 Admins 2 Co-ops

14 Feedback and Continuous Improvement FWSS 12 FWSS 34 FWSS 56 FWSSFWS FreshmenSophomorePre-JuniorJuniorSenior Employer Feedback 1 2 34 5 6 Continuous Improvement Reporting Other Feedback Curriculum & Pedagogy

15 1. Cincinnati 2,729 2. Ohio - Cincinnati535 3. Kentucky341 4. New York232 5. California176 6. Illinois 76 7. Massachusetts 75 8. Georgia 73 9. Indiana 66 10. Texas 49 Co-op Placements by Location: 2/3 Local 1/3 Out of State 2% International

16 CO-OP Wages vs Tuition (2010):

17 4 th

18 Placement Evolution 2003 - Present 42% Total 36% Co-op

19 Enrolled Versus Placed Students 99.5% 94% 98%

20 3 Cr.h. Part Time Paid / Not paid (not for profit) Optional for All majors Co-op (95%):5 semesters (Mandatory: DAAP & ENG) 3 Semesters (Optional Programs: BUS) Full Time Paid (Aver $16.00/h) Required for Graduation Transcripted at 0 Cr.h. Internships: (5% Rapidly growing) Both: Work terms assessed & require Faculty Driven Reflection : Credit Awarded:

21 Funding Structure: Co-op U.G. Fee: $465/Semester Internship Transfer Cost: $222/Cr.h ProPEL Budget: $3.9 Million Cost / Placement $700 / placement Internal subsidy / revenue 30/70 Instructional cost: +25% (Approx $5 -10M) Student Salaries: $44 Million (2013 Est :$50M) Average Student Co-op Earning:: $10,600 / semester Student return before tax:: 2,100% Student earnings / University cost: 5:1 (400%)

22 How can Ohio replicate a sustainable program statewide? Low hanging fruit: High profile institutions in urban settings: -Abundance of job opportunities -Likely to attract new employers to area -Student reputation likely to attract out-of-town jobs Challenges: Low profile institutions in rural settings: -Dependent on few local employers -Less likely to attract diverse employer growth in area -Parallel co-op, tailored solutions

23 How can Ohio replicate a sustainable program statewide? A.Identify schools whose leadership see a potential in experiential learning B.Offer training to these institutions: 1.Executive level / Dean Level 2.Department Head / Director Level 3.Advisor Level C.Have schools develop effective locally founded programs in teams (Ex: WACE training) D.Require commitment on all organizational levels E.Award seed money to establish placement office and program structures F.Allow institutions to charge fees that cover costs G.Monitor that quality has been met and that fees are used appropriately.

24 Micah Whitt Civil & Environmental Engineering The project is projected to improve conditions experienced by Cincinnati drivers by reducing accidents, slow downs, and driver frustration. Its precisely the Civil part of Civil Engineering that I love and drives me to learn more. By 2015, everyone should be getting to school on time!

25 I cant go into any details because of government restrictions; General Electric and Rolls Royce proprietary rights. First Engine to test with 3,000+ sensors installed. Brian Kodrich Aerospace Engineering Defense Contract Management Agency

26 Lance Kelly Mechanical Engineering The Injury Biomechanics Research Lab (IBRL), a nationally recognized center for trauma research. investigating the relationships between human injury and physical mechanical properties Transportation Research Center Inc.

27 Walter Lubbers Biomedical Engineering Im a pre-med student, so I took a job in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Lab at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.. I also was the primary author of a journal article on our research, and had the opportunity to give a presentation on the study at an international conference on pediatric cardiac surgery.

28 Crystal Kuznik Digital Design Procter & Gamble is by far one of the best places to work in Cincinnati Procter & Gamble takes care of their co-ops by providing a housing bonus on each paycheck

29 Bradley Jonas Materials Engineering There is nothing hotter then standing next to a 1,500 degree Celsius electric arc furnace as 150 tons of molten steel is poured into a ladle with sparks flying everywhere.. My co-workers and I are working on installing a 130 million dollar super-furnace which will allow us to melt and tap 150 tons of scrap steel in less then 45 minutes.

30 Stacie Merz Computer Science I went to Boston with a friend from high school and saw some of the historical sites Delta Air Lines Having flight benefits is awesome and allows for many opportunities to learn about the world that I only wish I had more time for.

31 James Ott Fashion Design I cut, assembled, and hand sewed the chiffon / organza flowers I will never forget the perk of being able to attend my first New York runway show knowing I had several pieces of my work parading on the models in front of me.

32 Laura Myer Industrial Design I soon became very aware of my own customs and sayings, which I had never given much thought to, as they didn't translate in this new world Within one week I went from not knowing where I was going on co-op to being on a plane flying to Hong Kong. Hong Kong Polytechnic University

33 That kind of effect on others makes work very rewarding! John Jaskiewicz Architectural Engineering Technology I had the opportunity to work on the construction documents for Cincinnati Childrens hospital. It's accessibility to the highway makes it very unique, since there arent many emergency hospitals that you can see from the interstate, making it very easy to find.

34 Elizabeth Dixon Bio Medical Engineering I am researching water quality in Tanzania for six months. I assist a UC environmental engineering graduate student, and our focus is collecting data and gaining a better understanding of sand filters, a point of use water treatment system.

35 FWSSFWSSFWSSFWSSFWS FreshmenSophomorePre-JuniorJuniorSenior Foundation Exploration Professional Contribution & Change Generation Parallel Co-op Low Cost Limits: Local Placement Only

36 …for the failure of which… Dean Herman Schneider 1872 -1939 And the rest is history...

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