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Sharing Stories Lesson 3

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1 Sharing Stories Lesson 3
Verbs! Sharing Stories Lesson 3

2 Verbs Most Verbs show action. Think of the things that you do:
You smile, sleep, read, and play. These are all action verbs!

3 Find the action verbs! Saltwater fish swim in the ocean.
Some fish sleep with their eyes open. Some fish eat plants.

4 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 10

5 Try It! Circle the action verbs in each sentence.
We drove for eight hours. I slept for three hours. Then I read a book for one hour. We ate lunch at 12:00 noon. At night, we walked by the lake.

6 Practice Read the paragraph below. Write an action verb in each blank.
On Saturday, we ____ to the swimming pool. I ____ to swim. Sometimes I _____ for pennies on the bottom of the pool. The lifeguard __________ me swim. I ________ to swim all day.

7 Proofread Read the story below
Proofread Read the story below. Circle the best action verb for each sentence. Ice hockey players wear have ice skates. They glide are across the ice when they play. The goalkeeper has blocks the puck. He must move be fast. Two defenders play are on each side of the goalkeeper. They help are the goalkeeper.

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