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Commas in Dialogue Courage Lesson 3 By Mrs. Mennell.

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1 Commas in Dialogue Courage Lesson 3 By Mrs. Mennell

2 There are many places to use commas. One place is in dialogue RuleExample A comma is used before the quotation marks that begin a speakers exact words. I said to my dog, Jump over this log. A comma is used after the word before the end quotes. I want to watch him jump, said my friend Mai.

3 Comprehension and Language Arts Skills Page 136

4 Try It! Read the sentences. Put commas where they belong. 1.Joe said I need to buy some carrots. 2.Charlotte sighed Tomorrow is another day. 3.I cannot sell my cat I said. 4.I added I will give her to you as a present. 5.I said I want to visit her each Saturday.,,,,,

5 Practice Read the sentences. Write and, or, or but to complete each sentence. 6.Misha said I dont think this is a treasure map. 7.Sasha replied Oh, yes it is. 8.Trisha sighed Some diamonds would be nice. 9.Misha said Maybe well find gold! 10.Just some money would suit me fine said Sasha.,,,,,

6 Proofreading Read the story. Write commas where they are missing in the sentences with dialogue. Use proofreading marks. Once upon a time there were three sisters. Each sister had a cat. One day, a sister said I would like to have another cat. So the family went to the cat shelter downtown and found a stray cat to take home. The youngest sister said I am glad we are able to give another cat a home.,,

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