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Sharing Stories Lesson 2

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1 Sharing Stories Lesson 2
Pronouns Sharing Stories Lesson 2

2 Pronouns Pronouns replace nouns. Examples of words that are pronouns:
I, me, you, he, him, she, her, it We, us, you, they, them

3 How We Use Pronouns. Jack and Jill know Mary and Ben. They know them. Mrs. Mennell saw the dog. I saw it. Sam helped Sally pick up trash. He helped her pick up trash.

4 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 6

5 Try It! Write a pronoun to replace the underlined nouns in each sentence.
she Clara Barton was a teacher in New Jersey. ___________ You and I know that she founded the Red Cross. ___________ The Red Cross helped my family. ________________ We us

6 Practice Circle the pronouns in the paragraph
My name is James Cook, and I am a sailor. In 1768, I became the captain of a ship. I burned vinegar and gunpowder on my ship, because they purified the air. I made the sailors eat fruit to help them stay healthy. They thanked me for caring about them.

7 Proofread Read the paragraph, and replace each underlined noun with the proper pronoun.
Christopher Columbus sailed to America, and Christopher Columbus ______ started colonies there. Many explorers traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, and the explorers ______ saw new lands. We read about the explorers ______ in history books. he they them

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