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Adjectives Fossils Lesson 1.

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1 Adjectives Fossils Lesson 1

2 Adjectives Adjectives are words that describe nouns.
An adjective can tell what kind. An adjective can tell what color. An adjective can tell how many.

3 Special Adjectives There are 3 special adjectives called articles.
One article is a. Another article is an. The third article is the. “An” is used before a noun that starts with a vowel.

4 Examples: The Hawaiian islands have an interesting history.
Many people moved to the beautiful island of Oahu. One delicious fruit from Hawaii is the juicy, sweet pineapple.

5 Tell your partner an adjective or article that can fit in the blank.
That ______ dog jumped on the table. ______ cats played under the bed. I have ______ pets in my family.

6 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 92

7 Try It. Read the poem below. Circle the adjectives and articles
Try It! Read the poem below. Circle the adjectives and articles. There are 10. For a big green plant Or a tiny little ant Resting in the woods is nice. Each living thing must Share cool shade and just Take a break in paradise.

8 Practice Circle the adjectives and underline the articles in the sentences below.
The black bat and the blue whale are mammals. Big elephants and little rats are mammals, too. All mammals have thick fur. Tall giraffes and short monkeys have fur. What mammals have brown fur? ______ ______

9 Proofread Read the paragraph below
Proofread Read the paragraph below. Underline the articles and circle the adjectives. There are 13. Many creatures live in the forest. Blue peacocks and brown owls live in forests. Red deer and gray squirrels live there, too. Green frogs live in forests that are near water. Sometimes, a white rabbit can be found hopping through the forest. How many bears have you seen in the forest? I saw two bears last year! ______ _____ _____ _____

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