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Linking and Helping Verb Tenses Fossils Lesson 3.

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1 Linking and Helping Verb Tenses Fossils Lesson 3

2 Review 3 types of Verbs There are 3 types of verbs! You already know about ACTION verbs. A LINKING verb joins, or connects, the subject to the predicate to make a sentence complete. It does not show action. A HELPING verb helps the main verb in a sentence to tell when a verb will happen, is happening, or has happened.

3 Verb Tenses RuleExample A present tense linkingThe Nile River is the longest or helping verb tells aboutriver in the world. something that is happening now. A past tense linking or The Nile River was helping verb tells aboutimportant to the people in something that happenedEgypt. in the past.

4 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 102

5 Try It! Underline the past tense verbs. 1.Louis Braille was a teacher. 2.He was blinded at the age of three. 3.In school, he could not read or write. 4.Then, he was sent to a school in Paris. __ ___ __

6 Practice Write the correct verb in the space in each sentence. 5.France ________ a country in Europe. 6.The area _____ ruled by the Romans. 7.We ______ studying French history. 8.Yesterday we _______ singing songs. 9.Today we _________ painting pictures. is was are were are

7 Proofread Read the sentences below and find the mistakes. Cross out the incorrect verb and write the correct one above it. Once I was riding a horse in a desert. My horse am running very fast. We is trying to reach a town. The town are very far away. When the moon have risen in the sky, we saw the friendly town! The people there was very friendly. __ was __ were __ was had __ were __

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