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Training Materials Created by Mike Canon Technology Coach Hemet USD Getting Started – Teacher Guide.

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1 Training Materials Created by Mike Canon Technology Coach Hemet USD Getting Started – Teacher Guide

2 A web-based computer program with fun, interactive learning activities for kids Helps students succeed in reading and math Learning activities are specially designed for each student based on MAP test results Use it at school or at home To watch a fun demo, click the link below: Intro

3 Internet Access Sound (speakers or earphones) Adobe Flash Player Free Download: Adobe Reader Free Download: Is your computer ready for Compass Learning Odyssey? To check, click below.

4 Hemet USD recommends students use Odyssey at least 30 minutes per day or about 2 hours per week. Using earphones during Odyssey sessions will help students focus on the activities and ignore other noises. Students should have scrap paper and pencils available during Odyssey sessions. Pop-up blocker must be disabled in the browser.

5 At home, go to: User Name is: (Contact Mike Canon for this information) Password is: (Contact Mike Canon for this information) Enter school code (see next slide for a chart) Click Log In At school, click the icon Step 1

6 School NameCodeSchool NameCode Acacia MSHAMSHemet HSHHS Allesandro HSHAHSIdyllwild K- 5 HIS Bautista Creek ELHBCESIdyllwild 6-8HIM Cawston ELHCESJacob Weins ELHJWES Cottonwood K- 5 HCWESLittle Lake ELHLLES Cottonwood 6-8HCWMSMc Sweeny ELHMES Dartmouth MSHDMRamona ELHRES Diamond Valley MSHDVMSRancho Viejo MSHRVMS Family Learning Tree Ctr.HFTLCTahquitz HSHTHS Fruitvale ELHFESValle Vista ELHVVES Hamilton HSHHHSWestern Center AcademyHWCA Hamilton K- 5 HHSK8West Valley HSHWVHS Hamilton 6-8HHMWhittier ELHWHIT Harmony ELHHESWinchester ELHWE HAAAT

7 This is one way to observe students progress. Monitoring students while they work is another. Results of daily activities are updated by Odyssey every night. Locate the student on the list, click on the student name. The pop up window will display the students last 10 activities with lowest score grouped by assignment. The icons on the left represent status levels: 0-59% 60-69% 70-100%

8 On the Teacher Dashboard, the tabs represent the main sections of the Odyssey Manager. Each of these tabs will take you to a menu that allows direct access to specific components in each section. My Students – Create and modify classes. Create students and update teacher information. Assign students to classes. View and maintain student and class information and subject level access. (Note: All class information can be easily imported and exported). Assignments – Create assignments; assign them to your classes and students; and review class and student progress. View, edit, and assign assignments from your school or all schools in your district. Assessment – Item Bank, browse test items for use in creating custom objective-based tests; Objective Builder, create custom standard strands to meet individual district or school needs; and Test Builder, customize and build diagnostic- prescriptive tests. Create standards, strands, objectives, questions, and answer choices and use them in custom assessment tests. Reports – Select from a variety of report types such as Administration, Progress, Assessment, and Odyssey Writer to see how your students are progressing. Content – Search and view an index of all Compass Learning curricula. On the Resource page read and download Compass Learning Odyssey users guides along with State Correlation Reports. Message Center – Odyssey Manager contains an internal messaging function that allows teachers to send simple text messages to students within the Odyssey system. Odyssey Message Center is a closed messaging tool, meaning that messages sent do not travel outside the school or via the public web. Students cannot send messages studentto-student, but can reply to a teachers message or compose a new message to a teacher. Standard email format (for example, is not allowed in Message Center. Community – Community is an online forum within Odyssey Manager designed to facilitate focused discussion between teachers and students. Teachers and administrators create topics and threads, then use Communitys access controls to allow students to post comments related to the discussions. Teachers can also create customized learning activities based on Community topics, then assign, track and report those tasks in Odyssey Manager. All topics and threads must be created by school teachers or administrators students are restricted to post-only privileges in Community.

9 1. Click on the teacher name link on upper right. 2. Enter appropriate email address in the field. 3. Depending on permissions, other fields may/may not be available. Save Step 2

10 1. Select My Students tab option on navigation bar. 2. Select Students & Classes button in sub-navigation bar. 3. Select New 4. Select Class A Class Profile pop-up box appears Type in a class name (*required) School naming convention=Teacher name – Subject – Class Per/Grade If this class is specific to a grade level and subject area, you may label as such Attach a secondary teacher to this class, if applicable. Click Save. (Your new class will saved under My Classes) Can be edited later Step 3

11 In the left panel, click My School > Students Check the boxes next to students you want to add to your class (You can choose multiple students on multiple pages) Option 1: Select Actions > Add to Class Option 2: DRAG selected students and DROP into the correct class in My Classes. Step 4

12 Step 5 1.Select Assignment tab on the navigation bar. 2.Click Assignment Builder button. 3.Select curriculum type. 4.Select the desired subject and level. 5.Select to search by Sequences, Skills, or Standards. 6.Enter a key word in the search box to begin search or click topic titles to view content and descriptions. 7.Click lesson titles to reveal the activities. 8.Click individual activity titles to preview the online activity. (activity #s appear on this level). When selecting items, narrow choices by choosing items in the left panel. This is a sample preview

13 9.To assign activities, click in the box to the left of the title (multiple activities may be selected.) 10.Click on the Add Selected Tasks button. 11.Enter a unique assignment name for easy reference. 12.Choose assignment order Sequential, Self-Select (default), or Auto-Launch. 13.Click Complete Assignment. 14.Include a description of this assignment in the box. 15.Select Availability, Subject, Level. 16.Change additional assignment options if necessary 17.Suppress Duplicate Activities – default is Yes. (Students will not receive passed activities within the same assignment more than once.) 18.Choose to assign now or later 19.Select a class or classes or individual students to whom you want to assign the assignment(s). 20.Confirm assignment – Close (Assignments are saved in Assignments Archives)

14 In Odyssey, click on the link to view icon meanings

15 Use the Odyssey Knowledge Center Click on Help in the upper right corner of the screen. Use the search feature to locate answers to your questions. Use the Video Library to view tutorials Go to Login name is your sites account code (Contact Mike Canon for this information) Password (Contact Mike Canon for this information) I recommend these videos: Teacher Dashboard Odyssey Knowledge Center Impact Teachers 2011 – watch all 6

16 Questions about Compass Learning Odyssey can be sent to Mike Canon at: Updated September 6, 2011

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