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Web Usability Starring the Webcredibles: Link, Dr. Web Credible, & Wendy Warner.

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1 Web Usability Starring the Webcredibles: Link, Dr. Web Credible, & Wendy Warner

2 Starring: Link Webber Link worked as a broadband cable technician connecting the UK to the Internet. Able to move at phenomenal speeds. Able to transfer his matter into digital energy. On the lookout for the evils of bad usability and accessibility.

3 Dr. WebCredible The real inventor of the Internet (which he was never credited with) Invented, among others the Digital Atom Compiler which enables physical beings to explore the digital world he created. Leads the crack team known as 'The Webcredibles' fixing usability and accessibility problems.

4 Wendy Warner Wendy has the ability to fly and upload her physical self onto any computer device. Extraordinary analytical abilities and problem solving skills. On the lookout for usability and accessibility wrong- doing both online and offline.

5 Introduction

6 Usability The pages must download quickly Usability studies have shown that 8.6 seconds is the maximum time web users will wait for a page to download.

7 Click Here Monster

8 Use Descriptive Link Text Link text stands out to scanning Web users click here makes no sense out of context click here is useless to site visitors scanning Web pages click here is useless to screen readers

9 Usability Information should be easy to retrieve Readers scanthey dont read word-for- word On web pages users see text before they see images Headings, link text, bold text, and bulleted lists attract the users attention first.

10 Writing Right for the Web Use lists (example of chunking) –Lists allow users to read the information vertically rather than horizontally –Lists are easier to scan –Lists are less intimidating –Lists are usually more succinct –Lists prevent long pages of text requiring users to scroll to read the page

11 User-Centered Design Put the intended user of a site at the center of its design and development Talk directly to the user

12 The Missing ALT Tag

13 The ALT Tag Provide alternate text for every graphic. Alternate text displays in the event that the graphic doesnt. The easiest way to make the content of your site accessible to a wider audience, including people with text-only browsers. Helpful to users who have their graphics turned off for faster page downloading. ALT tags provide assistance to screen readers

14 Consistent Layout

15 The website should be easy to navigate Consistent layout generates a sense of unity or oneness within the Web site Utilize consistency in.. –Alignment –A common graphic theme –A common color theme BUT... limit the number of colors in your scheme to three. Additional colors lessen the effectiveness of the color scheme

16 Lost in Cyberspace

17 The Color of Hyperlinks Blue is the universal color for unvisited hyperlinks Violet is the universal color for visited hyperlinks If these link colors are changed, be sure to be consistent throughout the site so the user isnt confused

18 Unsolicited Pop-Up Windows

19 The Irritating Pop-Up Even an opening Splash can drown out a user No wonder pop-ups are frequently blocked

20 Using Clear, Simple, Appropriate Language

21 Writing Right for the Web Use clear, concise, and simple language –Avoid slang or jargon –Avoid complex sentence structure Limit each paragraph to one idea Front-load content –Put the conclusion first (inverted pyramid) –Follow the conclusion with the what, how, where, when, why

22 Using JavaScript for Good

23 JavaScript in Action A simple example of Javascript in action is the image rollover, where one image is swapped for another when the mouse rolls over it. A more sophisticated example is a JavaScript powered shopping cart. Make sure the use of JavaScript does not slow down the loading of the Web page.

24 The Lost Shopping Cart


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