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The Old Stone Age The earliest people.

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1 The Old Stone Age The earliest people

2 Where did we all come from?
Archeologist believe that the first people came from Eastern Africa. From there they migrated to different areas looking for food.

3 How We Moved….

4 Hunters and Gatherers Paleolithic people lived in small bands of between people. Everyone contributed to the group Generally Paleolithic people were nomads, which means they moved from place to place following the food.

5 Adaptation As the people moved from place to place they adapted to their surroundings Tools Clothing Shelter

6 Early Religion The first signs of religion were recorded as being around 30,000 years old. People worshiped rocks, made idols to worship, and even worshiped animals. This type of belief is referred to as animation. About this time we start to see people taking great care to bury the dead. (suggesting an after life)

7 Neolithic Agricultural Revolution
Its difficult to know exactly when it happened Archeologist have inferred that humans noticed that when seeds landed in the ground…they started to grow into plants. They started settling into areas to harvest crops They began to domesticate(tame) animals

8 Effects of the Agricultural Revolution
People became food producers Population growth Which led to more interaction with different comunities Greatest change among humans until the Industrial revolution

9 Gender differences Men Women Dominated home life Political affairs
Many became warriors Needed to protect the possessions they had Made major decisions as a group concerning the growing of plants Although their role was not as strong as it once was they still did much to contribute

10 New Technologies Began making calendars to help measure the growing season Refined tools to help with agriculture Began to weave animal or vegetable fibers to make clothing

11 The rise of civilization
Civilization is a complex, highly organized social order The first Civilizations were a result of food surplus The surplus helped to expand population and support higher numbers of people

12 River Valley Civilizations
Large populations began to flourish in areas near rivers Tigris and Euphrates (Middle East) Nile River (Egypt) Indus River (India) Yellow River and Huang He (China)

13 Civilizations in America
In contrast to River Valleys elsewhere, in America, civilizations sprang up in the mountains Aztecs and Incas

14 8 Features of Civilization
There are 8 basic features shared among the earliest civilizations Cities Organized Government Complex Religions Job Specialization Social Classes Arts and Architecture Public Works Writing

15 Cities Large populations of people River Valley Mountains

16 Organized Government As cities grew they needed a steady food supply, therefore new governments needed to be established Fathers passed power to their sons As civilizations grew larger, their organizations became more complex Laws Taxes Military Irrigation projects

17 Job Specialization As civilizations grew more complex, new technology made it necessary for people to specialize in specific areas Brick layers Artisans (Pottery Makers) Metal Working Weapon Building Singers, Dancers, and Storytellers

18 Complex Religions Polytheistic
Worshiped many Gods Tried to win the favor of Gods through rituals, ceremonies, animal sacrifice, and sometimes human sacrifice

19 Social Classes People were ranked based on the jobs they had or the families they were born in to Priests and Nobles Wealthy Merchants Artisans (Craftsmen) Peasant Farmers Slaves

20 Arts and Architecture Most art reflected the values and beliefs of those that created them

21 Public Works Public projects ordered by Rulers, meant to benefit the citizens of the city Irrigation systems Roads Bridges Defense Walls

22 Writing Many archeologists believe the first writings occurred in temples where priests recorded agriculture information Most early writing is made up of pictograms, which are symbol drawings that looked like the objects they represented

23 Empire Group of states and territories controlled by one Ruler
Often larger civilizations fought each other for choice land and resources

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