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1. Golden Age of Greece 2. Peloponnesian War 3. Rise of Alexander.

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1 1. Golden Age of Greece 2. Peloponnesian War 3. Rise of Alexander


3 We cultivate the mind, we are lovers of the beautiful, yet simple in our tastes!! Pericles

4 Athens Golden Age of Greece Age of Pericles Advancements in architecture, drama, philosophy Delian League (Alliance of Athenian allies) Money used to rebuild Athens Athens forced all to stay in League Peloponnesian League (Allies with Sparta) Enemy of Athens

5 Greek Advancements Parthenon

6 Philosophers Focused on Ethics and Behavior

7 Socrates Questioned people to inspire debate Socratic Method: KNOW YOURSELF

8 Plato Emphasized the importance of reason. People should do work for which they are best suited.

9 Aristotle Classified and grouped important facts Studied numerous areas of knowledge and wrote about them Suspicious of democracy (checks and balances) Teacher of Alexander The Great


11 Peloponnesian War 27 years of war Athens: G eographical Disadvantage Strong Navy Sparta inland Sparta Invades Athens Allies itself with Persia Pericles allows people into city: Plague Breaks! Sparta Captures Athens Strips Athens of navy and empire

12 Macedonia


14 Phillip II of Macedonia Greece Weakened by Peloponnesian War Took Control of Greece Diplomacy: threats and bribery Force: conquer through battle GREECE FINALLY UNITED (lose freedom)

15 Alexander the Great

16 Alexander Student of Aristotle Experienced soldier Learned from Aristotle Age Twenty Conquered Mediterranean Never lost a battle Died Suddenly: Unknown Fever Left empire to the strongest Generals divided up the empire

17 Alexanders Empire

18 Lasting Legacy Spread of Greek Culture Alexander founded new cities (70) Greek moved into new cities Hellenistic: Blending of Greek Ideals Laws, justice, government Rome Emerges as most powerful nation

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