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The Periodic Table.

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1 The Periodic Table

2 Dimitri Mendeleev Father of the Periodic Table
Looked for clues (studied the evidence) Wrote facts on paper cards Observed patterns

3 Observations: Melting point Density Color
Atomic mass (as compared to hydrogen) Bonding power (how many bonds each element formed with oxygen)

4 Copper and Silver are both shinny, tarnish and turn green
Chlorine and Fluorine are both gases and can irritate your lungs

5 Mendeleev’s Observations
Patterns appear when elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic mass Grouped cards according to patterns Published first Periodic Table in 1869

6 First Periodic Table

7 The Periodic Table Today
Arranged by atomic number Over 100 known elements today Some elements have not been discovered yet – spaces on the Periodic Table have been left for them

8 Groups and Periods 18 vertical columns called GROUPS or FAMILIES
Elements in each group have similar characteristics Group 1 are the alkali metals – react violently with water Group 18 are the Noble Gases – rarely react at all 7 horizontal rows called PERIODS Series of different elements that are not alike Pattern: reactive to non-reactive

9 What causes bonding power?
Valence electrons The elements in each group of the periodic table have the same number and arrangement of valence electrons

10 Valence Electrons Group 1 Alkali Metals Group 18 Noble Gases

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