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Utah’s Geography Notes

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1 Utah’s Geography Notes

2 Utah’s Climate Climate is the “average” weather of a place measured over a long period of time. Has this week’s weather been a good average for Utah’s climate? Snow does not often build up in the valleys, but it does pile up deeply in the mountains! Even if it seems like we have a lot of snow in the mountains, it takes about a foot of snow to equal an inch of rain.

3 Utah’s Climate (continued)
The growing season is shorter in Northern Utah because the cold winters are longer St. George has a longer growing season than Farmington

4 Our Water Supply Google Earth!
Most of our water comes more than 600 miles across California and Nevada from the Pacific Ocean. We in the valleys receive about inches of rain per year Deserts get less than 10 Farmington is not a desert, but it’s close – it is a steppe climate.

5 Precipitation is a fancy word for rain and snow.

6 Our Water Supply (continued)
Orographic Lifting –

7 Our Water Supply (continued)
Good point of orographic lifting: The Wasatch Range causes the the clouds to precipitate on us and on the mountains – where we store it in reservoirs! Bad point: There isn’t much water left in the clouds when they get to us.

8 Our Water Supply (continued)
Most rivers in Utah flow to either the Great Salt Lake or to the Colorado River (and from the Colorado eventually to the Pacific Ocean.)

9 Utah’s Plant and Animal Life
Indigenous – a plant or animal native to an area Imported – a plant or animal brought to an area by man

10 Utah’s Plant and Animal Life
Indigenous plants sagebrush grasses dwarf oak willows creosote bush mesquite Joshua trees Imported plants wheat palm trees fruit trees tomatoes

11 Utah’s Plant and Animal Life
Indigenous Animals deer bear bobcats coyotes cougars buffalo rainbow trout Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge makes a great summer home for migrating birds

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