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Web Page Design Critical Elements for a Well Designed Web Page.

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1 Web Page Design Critical Elements for a Well Designed Web Page

2 The key to creating outstanding web pages is a specialized kind of planning called design.

3 Design is divided into three parts: Information Design Interaction Design Presentation Design

4 Information Design Message: What information do you wish to share? Audience: Whom do you wish to share your message with? Purpose: How and why do you want to share your message with this audience? Background: What does your intended audience already know about the subject you are discussing? Structure: How can your message be organized most effectively? Doorways to Design

5 Interaction Design Organization: How are the graphics, text, and other elements arranged on the page? Navigation: Are there any links or buttons on the home page that make it easy to move to other parts of the Web site? Interactivity: Do you have a chance to interact or to participate in the Web pages in some way? Are you expected to do something with the information on this Web site?

6 Presentation Design Color scheme: What colors should you use for the background, text, and links on your page? Font selection: What style of letters do you want– simple or fancy, large or small? Graphics selection: What pictures or graphic elements do you want to appear on the page? Multimedia effects: Are there any multimedia motion or sound effects that you wish to include on your page? Arrangement: where on the page should you place your graphics, text, or multimedia effects (layout)?

7 Order Design is best done in orderfirst, you determine the general information (information design), its purpose, and structure; then you decide how to organize it (interaction design). Only when you have made these decisions do you decide how the Web site should look (presentation design).


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