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Do Now Please answer the following question:

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1 Do Now Please answer the following question:
List everything you know about exploration (when, where, who, effects, causes)

2 European Explorations
The Age of Early European Explorations & Conquests

3 Essential Question Why did the Europeans travel to the New World and what were the consequences of this?

4 A Map of the Known World, pre- 1492

5 Motives for European Exploration
Crusades  by-pass intermediaries to get to Asia. Renaissance  curiosity about other lands and peoples. Reformation  refugees & missionaries. Monarchs seeking new sources of revenue.($$) Technological advances. (Astrolabe) Fame and fortune.

6 New Maritime Technologies Better Maps [Portulan]
Astrolabe (1532) Mariner’s Compass Sextant

7 Why? The 3 G’s

8 Gold E’peans want to get rich by: 1.Getting gold 2.Trading spices
3.Finding natural resources Q: Why did the Europeans want to explore for trade routes? Why wouldn’t they just travel through the Middle East to Asia?

9 God Europeans want diffusion of Christianity Spread the Word of God

10 Glory Europeans compete to be richest and biggest.
Wanted to become famous

11 GD question Reflection:
Which of the 3 G’s would be the most likely to motivate you to do something? Why?

12 Classwork Please complete the following: Worksheet Page 68 Workbook

13 Do Now Please use your textbook to find the definitions of the following words: Bartolomeau Dias (p530) Prince Henry (530) Vasco de Gama (532) Treat of Tordesillas (533) Dutch East India Company (534) Zheng He (537)

14 Admiral Zheng He Each ship was 400’ long and 160’ wide!

15 Zheng He’s Voyages In 1498, Da Gama reached Calcutta, China’s favorite port!

16 Prince Henry, the Navigator
School for Navigation, 1419

17 Columbus [ ]

18 Columbus’ Four Voyages

19 Other Voyages of Exploration

20 Ferdinand Magellan & the First Circumnavigation of the World: Early 16c

21 Atlantic Explorations Looking for “El Dorado”

22 The First Spanish Conquests: The Aztecs
vs. Fernando Cortez Montezuma II

23 The Death of Montezuma II

24 Mexico Surrenders to Cortez

25 The First Spanish Conquests: The Incas
vs. Francisco Pizarro Atahualpa

26 Slaves Working in a Brazilian Sugar Mill

27 Why would the 'Columbian Exchange' be considered the tsunami of unintentional "bio-terrorism"??

28 Columbian Exchange Exchange of products & ideas between Old and New Worlds

29 The “Columbian Exchange”
Squash Avocado Peppers Sweet Potatoes Turkey Pumpkin Tobacco Quinine Cocoa Pineapple Cassava POTATO Peanut TOMATO Vanilla MAIZE Syphilis Trinkets Liquor GUNS Olive COFFEE BEAN Banana Rice Onion Turnip Honeybee Barley Grape Peach SUGAR CANE Oats Citrus Fruits Pear Wheat HORSE Cattle Sheep Pigs Smallpox Flu Typhus Measles Malaria Diptheria Whooping Cough

30 Cycle of Conquest & Colonization Official European Colony!
Explorers Conquistadores Official European Colony! Missionaries Permanent Settlers

31 Treasures from the Americas!

32 Do Now Please answer the following questions:
List 3 Reasons why people explored the world. Name three explorers during this time Name the effects- TWO positive AND TWO negatives from this exploration

33 Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

34 The Slave Trade Existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans.
First boatload of African slaves brought by the Spanish in 1518. Between 16c & 19c, about 10 million Africans shipped to the Americas.

35 Slave Ship “Middle Passage”

36 “Coffin” Position Below Deck

37 African Captives Thrown Overboard Sharks followed the slave ships!

38 Do Now Please answer the following question:
Do you believe the Age of Exploration brought more positive or negative effects to the world? Explain

39 European Empires in the Americas

40 The Colonial Class System
Peninsulares Creoles Mestizos Mulattos Native Indians Black Slaves

41 Administration of the Spanish Empire in the New World
Encomienda or forced labor

42 The Influence of the Colonial Catholic Church Guadalajara Cathedral
Our Lady of Guadalupe Guadalajara Cathedral Spanish Mission

43 Father Bartolome de Las Casas
New Laws  1542

44 Europeans R.A.C.E.D. to conquer the Americas Spain and the “Conquistadors” conquered Latin America

45 New Colonial Rivals

46 Impact of European Expansion
Native populations ravaged by disease. New products introduced across the continents [“Columbian Exchange”]. Deepened colonial rivalries.

47 5. New Patterns of World Trade

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