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Uncloaking Your Electronic Collections: Promoting Library Online Services Lesley Williams Head, Information Services Evanston Public Library

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1 Uncloaking Your Electronic Collections: Promoting Library Online Services Lesley Williams Head, Information Services Evanston Public Library Lesley Williams Head, Information Services Evanston Public Library

2 The Problem… People associate libraries with books and children, not with online services. Librarians are NOT generally thought of as an online information source. Most marketing efforts target our traditional users, in traditional formats and media.

3 Strategy 1: Individual Libraries Use language your patrons understand Make your online services findable Think function, not format

4 Data - what?! People associate database with technology they don t understand.

5 Not everything online is a database…


7 Hennepin County Library Online services integrated throughout the website…


9 Online Resources in OPAC

10 Subject guides link to subscription resources

11 Homework Help

12 Lets Get Radical! Most of our potential users are NOT reading library publications or visiting library websites. To sell our online services, we need to reach beyond our core audience.

13 Strategy 2: Community Partners Chambers of Commerce Hospitals Schools and PTAs City Government Homeschool Associations Realtors and Merchants Associations Do they link to your library resources?


15 Local Merchants Association page links to the library online business resources

16 Where is the Library?

17 Homeschoolers Online… Need online math and reading prep Need reliable online reference books Need magazines and newspapers

18 Will YOU Be There?


20 Strategy 3: Consortia and Systems Can get more bang for marketing buck. Easier to build awareness if everyone in state or region has same access. Consistent message, regardless of librarys size or budget.



23 Has a $200,000 annual marketing budget Cable tv ads hit as many as 300,000 viewers per day Does targeted marketing to businesses, college students

24 Easier Access IP address range: used in Connecticut and Indiana, and Ohio Login with state ID or drivers license: used in Michigan, Nebraska Login with personalized password: used in Maine, Massachusetts, Indiana


26 ICONN Marketing strategies Insight #1: Emphasize offerings with the most widespread appeal. Insight #2: For communications to targeted audiences, identify the offerings that appeal to various subgroups Usage has grown from under 5 million logins in 2001 to over 33 million in 2006

27 Iconn ads in local media Appeared in non- library publications Targeted; different ads for business publications, schools, travel etc.

28 Strategy 4: Vendors Have marketing experience, budget Most are uncomfortable targeting end users; may fear conflict of interest Need incentives to target the public. LET VENDORS HEAR FROM US!!

29 How End User Marketing Helps Vendors Library product promotes the individual subscription product. Patrons will encourage libraries to subscribe to a worthwhile tool.

30 Why should this…

31 …compete with this?

32 Who Does Your Vendor Serve?


34 Does Your Vendor Expect You to Do All the Work? Some great ideas, but none of them came from EBSCO

35 Vendor Marketing Support Is This REALLY the Best EBSCO Can do? From the EBSCO Special Event Toolkit

36 Some Real Marketing Support… Proquests Marketing Toolkit Great graphics Can be used for Proquest,or any online product


38 Unclear on the Concept? Great poster… Great ideas NO MENTION OF LIBRARIES!!

39 Free 30 day access to Thomson Gale content Encourages patrons to use libraries Developing virtual library card for easier nationwide authentication Advertised on NPR

40 The LEAST Vendors Can Do… Have a website for the public Direct patrons to libraries Leave space for the library url on their materials Re-direct some marketing efforts

41 Vendors As Partners Work with libraries to identify media the community reads Approach community organizations together Collaborative vendor advertising campaign

42 Negotiating With Vendors Set shared goal for usage. Ask about marketing assistance BEFORE signing a contract. Be clear: you will cancel if usage remains low.

43 Strategy 5:Libraries Nationwide What are ALA, PLA doing to promote library online services ? LET ALA HEAR FROM US!!

44 Working the Media… What sources do your patrons trust? Major papers more likely to do stories on national trends

45 Notice Anything Missing?

46 Think Like a Travel Agent If you want people to visit Fiji, you DONT advertise in Fiji.

47 The Power of Advertising Can library online services become the bottled water of tomorrow?

48 Websites used… John Kupersmiths Library terms that users understand Evanston Public Library, Hennepin County Library, Portland Public Library, Marketing the Library from the Ohio Library Council, Reaching Patrons: Online Outreach for Public Libraries:, Sara Houghton-Jan, Indianas Connecticuts and ICONN Market Survey EBSCOs Customer Success Center, Proquest Marketing Toolkit, Gales

49 Lesley Williams Evanston Public Library Evanston IL 60201 847-448-8646 Thanks!!

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