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Georgia's Mountains By: Jenna Humphries.

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1 Georgia's Mountains By: Jenna Humphries

2 Mountains The Mountains are a very cool place to visit. They also have a lot of animals to see. Mountains tend to be cool and windy.So bring a jacket please !

3 Mountain Animals Mountain Lion Bobcat Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

4 Georgia Mountains Habitat
The mountains in Georgia were formed over a billion years ago! Brasstown Bald is in the Georgia mountains. It is the highest point in Georgia rising over 4,784 feet above sea level.

5 Mountain Habitats birds
Great Horned owl Eagle Bat

6 The American Toad This frog prefers to be in rocky, Mountainous places,but you can find it in lots of other habitats too!

7 Land Animals White tailed deer Red fox Black Bear

8 Mountain Habitat The trees and plants in the Mountain Habitat is the same as the Piedmont!

9 There are two main ranges of Mountains in Georgia
There are two main ranges of Mountains in Georgia. There is the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. Ranges of Mountains

10 The Chattahoochee river runs through Brasstown Bald.
The Rivers

11 Mountain Waterfalls Talllulah Falls runs through the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is a picture beside this. Waterfalls that run through the mountains are very rocky like the picture .

12 I hope you liked my presentation!
THATS ALL THATS ALL BYE-BYE I hope you liked my presentation!

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