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Assessment Resources for Schools. Revised Assessment Resources CRCT Revised Content Descriptions

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1 Assessment Resources for Schools

2 Revised Assessment Resources CRCT Revised Content Descriptions Assessment/Assessment/Pages/CRCT-Content-Descriptions.aspx CRCT Revised Content Weights Assessment/Assessment/Documents/CRCT_Content_Weights_CCGPS %20-%20August%2010,%202012%20Final.pdf

3 Revised Assessment Resources EOCT Content Descriptions Assessment/Assessment/Pages/EOCT-Content.aspx Assessment/Assessment/Pages/EOCT-Content.aspx EOCT Content Weights Assessment/Assessment/Documents/EOCT_Content_Weights_CCGPS _Updated%208-10-12%20Final.pdf Writing Assessment Guides with CCGPS Assessment/Assessment/Pages/Writing-Assessments.aspx

4 Race to the Top (RT3) Resources CCGPS Formative Item Bank 750 items for Grades 3-HS in ELA and Math currently housed in OAS 750 more items (Gr 3-HS in ELA and Math) to be added in Fall 2013 Assessment Literacy / Formative Instruction Online Learning Modules (FIP) Interim Benchmarks An ELA and Math assessment for each grade by Spring 2015 (half will be available in Spring 2014)

5 PARCC Resources Model Content Frameworks Serve as bridge between Common Core and the PARCC assessments Sample Prototype Items Illustrative only; not all encompassing Be sure to read the supporting documentation for each item

6 PARCC Task Types Mathematics Type I (PBA and EOY): machine scorable, focus on major content and/or fluency Type II (PBA): Hand scored, focus on expressing reasoning Type III (PBA): Hand scored, focus on modeling/ application ELA PBA: Prose Constructed Response (PCR) EOY: Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR) EOY: Technology Enhanced Constructed Response (TECR)

7 Additional Resources Online Assessment System Formative Item Bank – Grades 3- HS Interim Benchmarks – Grades 1-HS (available 2014-15) National Assessment of Educational Progress Grades 4, 8, 12 in Sample Questions/Question Tool Released items in reading, writing, mathematics, and other content areas Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI) K-12 Mathematics

8 Smarter Balanced Sample Items and Performance Tasks The other consortium (similar to PARCC) USA Test Prep Middle / High – EOCT prep contact School Test Coordinator for access code Additional Resources

9 Safari Resources Common Assessments for K-5 ELA and Math Unit Assessments 6 th -12 th ELA 6 th -9 th Math Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) Modules for Grades 6-12 Literacy Strategies for Grades 6-12 Performance Tasks for K-12 Houghton Mifflin Online Textbook Grades 6-8 ELA

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