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Living with the Plains Indians Jen Janek

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2 Living with the Plains Indians Jen Janek

3 You are about to go on a great adventure! The first page you are going to see is the Table of Contents. When you are finished reading, you may click on the tipi to return back to the Table of Contents! On this page, you can enter into different pages to explore! Click here to begin!

4 The Plains Indians Who are they? How did they get here? Where did they live? How did they survive? What was their community like? Who are the famous leaders? What do you remember? Where is the information from? Table of Contents

5 Who are the Plains Indians? They lived on the Great Plains. They built teepees. They hunted buffalo.

6 The Tribes of the Plains Sioux Cheyenne Crow Apache Blackfoot Shoshone Arapaho And many more! CLICK ON THE TRIBE TO SEE WHERE THEY WERE ON THE MAP!

7 How did they get here? During the Ice Age, the area between Asia and North America was frozen. They walked across the bridge in search of food.

8 Food was hard to find in the Arctic. So, they moved from place to place hunting mammoth for food. Y o u s e e …

9 The mammoth were searching for food too! Just like humans, they had a hard time finding food on the ice!

10 As the people followed the mammoth, they settled in warmer areas. One area they settled in was the Great Plains. The Great Plains are known today as North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

11 How did they survive?


13 Other foods Deer Antelope Bear

14 Clothing

15 The teepee The Plains Indians lived in teepees made out of buffalo hides. The teepee kept the Indians warm in winter and cool in summer. Women were in charge of setting up and taking down the teepees.

16 The Plains Indians would move a lot to follow the buffalo. Before they would leave, they would pack everything and lay it on two poles from the teepee. Then the horse or dog would pull the travois.travois Traveling


18 Lakota Sioux Lived from Sitting Bull is remembered for his strength. When the white people began settling in the Sioux territory, he fought for the Siouxs right to stay on their land.

19 Oglala Sioux war chief Lived from Crazy Horse is famous for his victory at the Battle at Little Bighorn. This battle was fought against General Custer and the U.S. army troops. The United States was trying to take land away from the Sioux.

20 Apache Lived from In the year 1870, the Apache Indians were forced to live on a reservation because white people wanted to search for gold. Geronimo did not like this. He escaped from the reservation and fought for their land. He was captured and sent to prison. Several years later President Theodore Roosevelt gave the Apaches land and homes in Oklahoma.

21 Click here to watch how the Plains Indians lived! In a little bit a link to a website is going to appear. When it does, click on the link and find the video calledLife for the Plains Indians. This is what the box looks like to click on! Enjoy the film!

22 What do you remember about living with the Plains Indians?

23 The land where the Plains Indians lived had… Many creeks, but not many rivers. Some hills, but mostly flat land.Some trees, but many open fields.

24 # 1 What type of home did the Plains Indians most often live in? Teepee Longhouse Wigwam Chickee Lets try another question!

25 Bibliography map_of_Am_Indians.gif ice%20from%20helico.JPG \ north-america.jpg Paintings%20CR.htm graphics/sioux.gif School/lakota12.htm oregon_trail_photos.htm other.htm haartebeeste.jpg BuffaloSkins.htm bison/wes4.html quill.html buffalo_mgr ulling_travois_atsina.jpg 07&w=794&sz=147&tbnid=wsk4BU_20rEJ:&tbnh=150&tbnw=107&hl =en&start=1&prev=/images%3Fq%3DSitting%2BBull%26svnum%3 D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D Fac_From1877ChapterDoc/ChapterImages/Ch16CrazyHors e.jpg g.jpg walt/state/ga/ga148.gif SheafeRoad/NAIndex.html bbwigwam.htm images/snow jpg s/plains-019.htm

26 # 2 Which animal did the Plains Indians eat the most of? Buffalo Deer Bear Mammoth Lets try another question!

27 # 3 Why did the Plains Indians travel so much? They followed the buffalo. They had to find new jobs. The weather was too cold. They had to find a new farm. Lets try another question!

28 # 4 Which famous leader is famous for his victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn? Crazy Horse Geronimo TomochichiSitting Bull Lets try another question!

29 # 5 Why did people come to the Plains? They were searching for gold. They followed the mammoth across the land bridge. They heard the scenery was beautiful! They heard the land was good for farming.

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