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A Tool Kit for 21st Century Literacy in the Public School Classroom

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1 A Tool Kit for 21st Century Literacy in the Public School Classroom
Erin Mule Paul Montaperto

2 What is the relevance of literacy?
“No skill is more crucial to the future of a child, or to a democratic and prosperous society, than literacy.” - Los Angeles Times, "A Child Literacy Initiative for the Greater Los Angeles Area "Literacy is about more than reading or writing - it is about how we communicate in society.  It is about social practices and relationships, about knowledge, language, and culture.  Literacy...finds its place in our lives alongside other ways of communicating.  Indeed, literacy itself takes on many forms:  on paper, on the computer screen, on TV, on posters and signs.  Those who use literacy take it for granted - but those who cannot use it are excluded from much communication in today's world.  Indeed, it is the excluded who can best appreciate the notion of "literacy as freedom." - UNESCO statement for the United Nations Literacy “Yet in our enthusiasm for the idea that everyone should be able to read and write fluently, we may be missing a crucial point: in today's culture, finely honed literacy skills are simply not as important as they once were.”  - Hugh Mackay “You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.” - George W. Bush Share data about top 10 desired skills employers look for in recruits.

3 Literacy Empowers… Two-thirds of the prison population in Britain is illiterate. Over 600 million people in Asia cannot read or write. One-third of incoming college freshmen enroll in remedial reading, writing or math classes. Non-literate adults average $240 per week in wages and highly literate individuals $681 per week. Click here for video clip

4 Elements of Literacy Reading and Writing Literacy Numerical Literacy
Media Literacy Information Literacy Digital Literacy Financial Literacy Cultural Literacy Health Literacy "Literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning to enable an individual to achieve his or her goals, to develop his or her knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in the wider society." “…the ability to read and write and use numeracy, to handle information, to express ideas and opinions, to make decisions and solve problems, as family members, workers, citizens and lifelong learners."

5 How do we provide successful literacy programs to our students?
Rigor, Relevance, Relationships Differentiation Variety and Interest Aligned with 21st century skills Student empowerment

6 Overview of Literacy Strategies
Reading Literacy Skills Writing Literacy Skills Communication Literacy Skills Information Literacy Skills

7 Reading Literacy Skills
Before Reading Strategies: Read alouds Anticipation guide Build Vocabulary: Word Analysis Chart Word Wall Games Word Connections Organizer Word Anticipation Guide Frayer Model Bingo/Jeopardy Games Act out the word Make a flip book Strategies During and After Reading: Tips for Notetaking – Student Handout 2 column notes 3 column notes Sequence flow chart Digital Stories Videography Also see writing and oral communication ideas Recognize Text Features to find Information How to recognize organization patterns Textbook Scavenger Hunt

8 Writing Literacy Skills
Key words – summary RAFT papers Graphic Organizers/Mind Mapping Create a brochure Write a newspaper article Advertisements Diary entries Poems or songs

9 Communication Literacy Skills
Mix and Mingle Reading Circles – Role Cards Debate/Mock Trial – Decision-making graphic organizer Present a news program Interview Documentary Videography Digital stories

10 Information Literacy Skills
DISCOVER…the road to 21st century literacy Click here for video clip

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