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The Inuit.

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1 The Inuit

2 The Inuit live in the far North Arctic.
The area includes Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. Do you know the popular name that many people call these Native Americans?

3 What are their homes like?
Igluviak or igloo Tents made from wooden poles and animal skin


5 Clothing… Clothes made of animal skin were worn to keep warm!

6 They wear special boots called kamiks.
They are made of seal skin.

7 Did the Inuit Indians grow crops?
Time to eat… Did the Inuit Indians grow crops?

8 Inuit Family Life The whole family lived in one shelter.
The boys learned to hunt and build igloos. The girls learned to make clothing and set traps. Everyone learned how to drive a do sled!

9 Inuit Games

10 For fun the Inuit… Told Stories Sang Songs Carved Soapstone Played String Games

11 Things to Ponder…. How does the Arctic environment affect the Inuit lifestyle? How is the Inuit way of life different and similar from our own?

12 Internet Resources

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