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Agenda 5/5/2014 RAFTS #1-3—many of you are still missing multiples! Notes on Civil War Battles.

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1 Agenda 5/5/2014 RAFTS #1-3—many of you are still missing multiples! Notes on Civil War Battles

2 The American Civil War 1861 - 1865

3 Two Sides of War North UNION Nickname YANKEES South CONFEDERACY Nickname REBELS

4 NorthSouth President Abraham LincolnPresident Jefferson Davis General Ulysses S,. GrantGeneral Robert E. Lee

5 II. Advantages / Disadvantages of North and South AdvantagesDisadvantages 1.effective navy 2.larger army 3.manufacturing 4.transportation system 1.lacked military leadership 2.fighting on unfamiliar territory 1.Military leadership 2.Strong desire to maintain way of life 3.Most of the war fought on their soil 1.Lacked manufacturing 2.smaller population NORTH SOUTH

6 III. Key Battles 1861 a. FORT SUMTER- First shots are fired

7 Border states Definition:slave states that had not declared a secession from the Union

8 III. Key Battles 1861 b. BULL RUN- The north learns that this will be a long war when the south wins this first battle unexpectedly

9 Key Battles 1862 c. MONITOR/MERRIMACK - the first between “ironclads” (BATTLESHIPS) ends in a draw

10 Key Battles 1862 d. SHILOH - Grant’s army is almost destroyed in this confederate victory e. NEW ORLEANS- this important port and largest city in the Confederacy fall to Union forces

11 Key Battles 1862 f. 7 DAYS BATTLE - union forces are stopped from capturing RICHMOND, the Confederate capital

12 Key Battles 1862 g. ANTIETAM - the bloodiest battle in which a confederate invasion of the Union is halted

13 Key Battles 1863 h. VICKSBURG- Union forces under Grant gain control of the MISSISSPPI River and divide the confederacy. i. Gettysburg is considered the turning point of the war. Lee is stopped from invading the North once again. The rebel army never recovers. Battle of GettysburgBattle of Gettysburg in 4 minutes Battle of Gettysburg Planning Pickett's Charge Planning Pickett's Charge President Lincoln delivers his GETTYSBURG ADDRESS at the dedication of the cemetery here

14 Key Battles 1864 J. ATLANTA - GEORGIA this city falls as part of “SHERMAN’S MARCH TO THE SEA” the beginning of the concept of “TOTAL WAR”

15 Key Battles 1865 K.APPOMATOX COURTHOUSE- General LEE surrenders to General GRANT. The major battles end.

16 IV. Results of the Civil War The EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION was signed as a war measure. In 1862, Lincoln freed the slaves only in the CONFEDERACY. He did not free slaves in the Union or border states, but it led to the end of SOUTHERN SLAVERY in the U.S. New weapons and tactics revolutionize warfare. These include: 1. RIFLED GUNS 2. AIR BALLOONS 3. IRONCLADS 4. “TOTAL WAR” 5. TRENCH WARFARE The Civil War was the costliest war in the U.S. history with over 600,000 Americans killed!!!

17 Color your map and make a key.

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