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Criterion Referenced Competency Test

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1 Criterion Referenced Competency Test
Georgia CRCT Criterion Referenced Competency Test

2 What is the CRCT? State-wide test
Administered to students in grades 3-8 Measures how well your child learned and can apply the Georgia Performance Standards taught at his/her grade level

3 What subject areas are on the test?
Reading-800 Language Arts-800 Mathematics-800 Science-800 Social Studies-800

4 When is the CRCT for Otwell Middle School?
April 11: Reading April 12: Language Arts April 13 & 16: Make-up Day April 17: Math April 18: Science April 19: Social Studies April 20: Make-up Day May 29-30: Retests for 8th grade

5 What if my child is absent?
Perfect attendance during testing is always recommended! Make-up tests will be given on: April 13, 16 and 20

6 What does the number 800 mean?
799 and below = DOES NOT MEET standards = MEETS standards 850 and above = EXCEEDS standards

7 What if my 6th or 7th grade child doesn’t pass the CRCT?
Scoring below 800 or in the low 800’s on the CRCT, makes a student eligible for Title I. Teachers use this score for identifying areas of need Students are not retained or placed because of their CRCT score. They may only be retained or placed in the following grade due to failing two or more academic classes.

8 What if my 8th grade child doesn’t pass the CRCT?
Fails the CRCT Reading and/or Math, results in 2 weeks of review sessions. Retake the CRCT- end of school CAN be retained or placed in the following grade based on the CRCT score as well as the grades in academic classes.

9 What can I do to make my child a successful test taker?
Plenty of rest…A full night’s sleep A breakfast that has protein (eggs, cheese, peanut butter, meat, milk) and good carbohydrates (whole grain breads, cereal, nuts) Comfortable clothing and shoes (layers) Stress-free mornings

10 What else can I do? READ, READ, READ!
For minutes a few nights a week. Have your child retell or summarize what he or she read PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Math facts—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Math problems from the textbook or online.


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