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Forsyth County Health Department

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1 Forsyth County Health Department
Scoliosis Screening Forsyth County Health Department

2 What is Scoliosis? Spine is curved like an S or C instead of being straight

3 Who could have Scoliosis?
Males and females are equally likely to have it 7-10 children out of 100 may develop scoliosis

4 Famous people with Scoliosis
Sarah Michelle Gellar Rebecca Romijn Gisele Bundchen

5 Famous people with Scoliosis
Tracy McGrady James Blake

6 How am I screened for possible scoliosis?
A nurse will examine your back You will stand up straight and then bend over

7 How am I screened for possible scoliosis?
Males will remove their shirts Females will remove shirts if you have an undergarment on, if not the back of the shirt will be lifted to examine your spine If removing your shirt is uncomfortable for you, please wear a sports bra or swimsuit top under your clothing. Please don’t wear more than 1 layer of clothes You will be behind a curtain so no one except the nurses will see you This will take about 1 minute

8 What happens if the nurse thinks I need to be rechecked?
You will see your doctor for more information and recommendations You may have an x-ray of your back You may need to be rechecked in 6 months to 1 year

9 Any Questions?

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